Things that made us happy – with the amazing Bea

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20180203_125015.jpgI wanted to be a little bit more positive this year. I wanted to enjoy life more and appreciate the little things that make me happy. Because of that I started a ‘Happiness journal’. I basically wrote at least one thing down for each day that made me smile, happy, loving life. I was really excited for this and asked the amazing Bea if she wanted to be a part of it and well:
The amazing Ann asked me to write down one thing that has made me happy each day for the month of January. I had never thought about doing this before but it really allowed me to shed light on even the worst of my days and therefore I want to thank Ann for allowing me to do this and experience such joy even on the gloomiest of days. 4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)