Things that made us happy – with the amazing Bea

20180203_125015.jpgI wanted to be a little bit more positive this year. I wanted to enjoy life more and appreciate the little things that make me happy. Because of that I started a ‘Happiness journal’. I basically wrote at least one thing down for each day that made me smile, happy, loving life. I was really excited for this and asked the amazing Bea if she wanted to be a part of it and well:
The amazing Ann asked me to write down one thing that has made me happy each day for the month of January. I had never thought about doing this before but it really allowed me to shed light on even the worst of my days and therefore I want to thank Ann for allowing me to do this and experience such joy even on the gloomiest of days. 4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)

January 1, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Super excited about starting the new year, especially with this new post idea for Ann. Today I was just simply happy about start the post for Ann and looking forward to the new year.
20180203_125015.jpgWaking up to sunshine + having breakfast with my dad. Watching the Greatest Showman with my mum and sister in cinema.
January 2, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)FREE DINNER!!! I had a gift card to a really nice restaurant and I decided to use it on this day. The food was delicious and it was even better that it was at no cost to me!
20180203_125015.jpgListening to the songs from the Greatest Showman and doing a face mask. Going shopping with my mum and buying my dad a pullover. Getting my pink glasses fixed and watching the Hobbit 3.
January 3, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)A bit nerve wrecking but it’s my first day of work….my own classroom. Someone pinch me because this cannot be real!
20180203_125015.jpgHaving breakfast with my mum & sister. Car journey whilst listening to the Greatest Showman, eating Chinese food and vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries.
January 4, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Okay, so yesterday was my first day of work and that was quite rough so I am incredibly happy for this snow day so that I can wrap my mind about this whole situation and new journey I am on! Yay for snow days!
20180203_125015.jpgSorting out my wardrobe at my mum’s, doing a face mask, eating Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. Ordering the birthday present for my little sister.
January 5, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)What?! Second snow day in a row!!! I’ll take it, I’m super excited even though my street is covered with more ice than it is snow…this can be a problem if I want to go anywhere….oh well, snow day means a whole day inside!
20180203_125015.jpgWatching Freddy my love, going shopping with my mum and buying the most gorgeous things – pink jacket + trousers, Harry Potter joggers and pins.
January 6, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)No gym! As much as I love the gym, sometimes you just need a break so I am happy to take the day off today.
20180203_125015.jpgWearing my new pink jacket for the first time and my Harry Potter pin, going to the cinema with my mum and sister. Wearing my new HP-trousers and having a nice shower.
January 7, 2018: 
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Shots! Shots! Shots! I promise I am not an alcoholic but it is my boyfriend’s family tradition to take shots on celebrations and today we are celebrating my boyfriends dad’s birthday!
20180203_125015.jpgPlaying Rommé with my mum. Receiving my Harry Potter Hufflepuff edition book + ASOS order.
January 8, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)It’s only my second day at my new job and a student told me “you make math easy, I actually understand what you’re saying.”
20180203_125015.jpgGetting WLAN at my mum’s. I started reading Harry Potter in English, did a black face mask and got a shower curtain from Urban Outfitters for my room (so amazing!).
January 9, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Sadly, I am in a pretty bad school and my students haven’t had a teacher in over two months but today they were actually pretty silent.
20180203_125015.jpgGetting loads of washing done. Going to DM with Belli (my sister), buying new amazing things (face masks and stuff like that).
January 10, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)I finally got some time to decorate my classroom which made me very happy because my classroom right now looks like a dungeon.
20180203_125015.jpgReading Harry Potter, using my new beauty things from DM, finding out that my patronus is a DOLPHIN!
January 11, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)YUMMMMMMMY DESSERT! I love dessert and today for dessert I had a cappuccino and profiteroles, super duper tasty!
20180203_125015.jpgGetting my new pink glitter shoes + Belli’s presents. Going to my mum and having  a nice shower (apparently that makes me really happy), eating toasties and start reading Harry Potter and the half-blood prince in Englisch.
January 12,2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Free drink at dunkin’, whoop whoop! I went for an iced caramel latte and it was delicious! (The little things really do make me happy)
20180203_125015.jpgTaking pictures for the blog. Watching Aspyn’s new vlog and animal documentaries with my mum.
January 13, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)I got to finally hang out with the lovely Ciarra whom I haven’t seen in ages!
20180203_125015.jpgUpgrading my blog to with the help of my dad. Watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my sister and playing old board games from our childhood (Wer war’s?).
January 14, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)I tried smoked salmon at brunch and I’m shocked because I really enjoyed it! The smoked salmon was on my appetizer which was an avocado toast that was super delicious. The main course was french toast and that too was absolutely delicious!
20180203_125015.jpgWatching Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them, eating Schnitzel which my dad made, having a very chilled day. Breaded my har overnight and loved the result of it.
January 15, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)I have the day off today from work which of course just makes my entire day better.
20180203_125015.jpgWatching Kallie Kaiser’s videos, talking to my mum on the phone. Discovering the Insta Mini app + taking a picture with my mum.
January 16, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)A student stayed after school to help me put away the laptops and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.
20180203_125015.jpgPainting my mini clipboards + creating a positivity zine book.
January 17, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)My boyfriends brother got promoted to a lieutenant firefighter and I got to watch the ceremony!
20180203_125015.jpgSeeing the Greatest Showman for the second time with my mum and sister and having Chinese food afterwards.
January 18, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)My students were behaving AWFUL so I gave them a lecture on life and not taking school seriously and after that they were so silent you could hear a pin drop in the room. I was very satisfied with my lecture.
20180203_125015.jpgFinishing Harry Potter and the half-blood prince in English, asking some blogger friends if I can write them a letter.
January 19, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)My boyfriend slept over and that made me very happy!
20180203_125015.jpgWatching Tess Florio a lot, having a nice shower (again) + creating a nice hairstyle, watching animal documentaries with my mum.
January 20, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)I finally had some time to work on posters for my classroom and lesson plans which felt good to actually work on these things.
20180203_125015.jpgWatching Fantastic Beasts interviews, buying face masks 20 minutes before the shops close, having a little bit of fresh air and doing face mask strips things (painful but apparently it made me happy ;)).
January 21, 2018: 
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Delicious food all day long!
20180203_125015.jpgEnjoying a bit of sunshine, watching MsRosieBea, doing face masks and eating pasta with broccoli and cheese.
January 22, 2018: 
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)A student told me I was their best teacher…reminder, I’ve only been at this job for less than 3 weeks so this was a HUGE compliment.
20180203_125015.jpgGoing to my mum with Belli. Doing my Halloween face mask and going to the Theatre with my mum and sister.
January 23, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Some tasty qudoba! Yum yum! I get the taco shell with brown rice, black beans, chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole.
20180203_125015.jpgReading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Going to my very first YOGA class with my mum.
January 24, 2018: 
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)A struggling student who knows no english at all understood some math today which was a huge accomplishment and it made me so happy to see him understanding how to solve one step and multi step equations!
20180203_125015.jpgStarting my Memory journal, reading HP7, sunshine, getting accepted at Uni. (!!!)
January 25, 2018:
20180203_125015.jpgGoing to my mum with my sister, watching some Youtube + eating ice cream.
January 26, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)SANGRIA! There is this one restaurant near me that has the most amazing sangria and I went there and had some. DELICIOUS!
20180203_125015.jpgWatching TV with my mum, eating Chinese food. Writing letters to my blogger friends + youtubers.
January 27, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)At the gym, I ran a mile in 10 minutes which may not seem like a huge accomplishment but I’ve never been a runner so I am pretty happy about this.
20180203_125015.jpgGiving my sister her presents for her birthday, eating rice and broccoli + seeing WONDER in cinema (BEST MOVIE EVER).
January 28, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)I was able to have a relaxing morning and just chill playing games and listening to music and just having fun.
20180203_125015.jpgWatching Bryce + Hailey a lot. Spending time with my mum, doing a black face mask.
January 29, 2018: 
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)HALF DAY AT WORK!!! Yay! I got out of work at 12:15, so excited!
20180203_125015.jpgMy sister surprised me with some cute muffin cases (she’s amazing), chilling on the couch with my sister + watching the chronicles of narnia 2.
January 30, 2018:
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)Students actually remembered my birthday and there were two that got me gifts and 5 that drew me cards, I am very shocked!!!
20180203_125015.jpgChocolate Star Wars cereal for breakfast with almond milk. Tess Florio wrote me on Instagram.
January 31, 2018: 
4ab915fb81af2119de3efc1b05822ffd-1 (2)I had my students write about their experience with math thus far this year focusing on their behavior and how they think that it affects their grades. One student wrote in her letter that she’s so happy to have me as her teacher and that I do things so different compared to other teachers and that I’m the best and she really likes me. Safe to say, I got some tears and I was so happy.

20180203_125015.jpgASOS package arrived, talking to my mum on the phone, new pullover + vsco filters, broccoli and rice.


Ann, THANK YOU so very much for allowing me to take part in this. I am so happy that I was able to reflect even on my worst days I always found at least one thing that made me happy. You are incredible for asking me to do this because it allowed me to be a better person myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

To everyone reading this: please don’t mind the fact that most of my days food makes me happy, I love to eat hehehe! 

First of all thank you so so much Bea for doing this with me. You are one of my favourite bloggers and I am so happy you enjoyed this collab. I loved reading what made you happy each day in January and I had so much fun and joy myself writing one, two, three things down that made me happy each day.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Check out Bea’s blog because she is amazing! Also why not join us and create a Happy journal for yourself, February just started and I bet there’s at least one thing that made you happy today.

Love, x

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21 thoughts on “Things that made us happy – with the amazing Bea

  1. This is so uplifting to read! I really like how positive this post is, especially during the winter months. Might give this a go in my private life to remember the good things! x

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  2. I LOVE this! My sister always use to say positivity is a choice, and I agree. Even when days really stink (which during the Winter they tend too) there is always something to be happy and grateful for. ❤

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