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I really wanted to try some brown mascara for ages. I see quite a few youtubers using brown mascara and I love the natural look it gives you. So I went shopping to my local DM (I spend way too much money in there) and got this lovely green packaged mascara by the brand alverde.

2018-01-19 11.58.46 2-01.jpeg
I’ve never really tried something from this brand before but I always read that it’s a really nice brand, cruelty free and nature-based. That means that it probably won’t cause any redness or reaction when using this because it doesn’t contain tons of chemicals. And it’s also really affordable, this mascara cost me 3,45 €. 

So first of all I love the green packaging, green obsessed atm. I love the size of it and it lies really nice in your hands. I like the brush of the mascara because it’s really easy to apply. My eyes didn’t itch a second when I had this mascara on which happened to me by a few mascaras before, so I really love that about this one.

This mascara is a really natural one, it doesn’t give you a look of super full, big lashes but I wasn’t going for this anyway. They have a second brown one which apparently is for that so maybe I try this one next. The mascara isn’t too liquid and stayed on my eyes all days without smearing around.

Considering the price and that it’s super gently to my eyes I would rate this mascara 4,5/5. Really like it and if you’re looking for an easy light natural mascara, this is the one for you.

Did you try this brand before? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

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