Typical day in our lives – with ughmango

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I asked the lovely ughmango if she wanted to collab with me and luckily she said yes. I am obsessed with her blog and I am super excited to share this post with you.

I wanted to be a bit more personal on my blog and share more day to day things with you, so this post is perfect. I am going to share 10 (ups, 9) pictures with you which show a typical day in my life. Don’t forget that ughmango is doing the same thing on her blog so be sure to check out her post.

I decided to take a Sunday for this because I want to keep it really realistic and Sundays are the most chilled days am I right? And a Sunday routine doesn’t really change that much, so this really is a normal day in my life.


Waking up

I normally wake up at around 9/10 am, but on a Sunday I like to have a little lie-in. Sometimes I listen to some music or just keep my eyes closed for a little longer. And sometimes I immediately get up because I need to go to the bathroom (tmi?).


Watching some Youtube

I know, it’s really bad to get straight onto your phone but I love to watch some YouTube videos in the morning (also in the afternoon and evening). Often American youtubers upload their videos when I’m asleep, so it’s really nice to wake up to a few new videos. This time I watched some Bryce + Hailey because I am obsessed with them and had to do a little catch up with their videos.

Picking an outfit

I love to stay in my PJ’s all day, but at the moment I really like to get half-dressed on Sundays. That means I chose a shirt or jumper, but keep wearing my Pyjama bottoms.


Face mask

It’s probably no surprise to you that I’m doing a face mask. This Sunday I decided to do one before breakfast which normally doesn’t happen. Normally I take my time after breakfast to pamper myself, but my family wasn’t ready for breakfast yet, so I had some time to do one.



Then it’s finally time for breakfast and I was starving at this point. On some Sundays I love to have cereal for breakfast but this time we had a proper breakfast and it was delicious. Laugenbrötchen are my favs!

Hair time

I stayed at my mum’s so I spent the whole day with her, which was super nice. I always love when my mum braids my hair so she braided it for me. It’s such a Sunday thing to do and I felt super nice afterwards.


Ice cream

You can’t have a proper Sunday without something sweet. Sometimes we have a cake from the supermarket, but this time we had some delicious Magnum ice cream. I love these so so much and had to eat one. Such a Sunday treat.


Chilled evening

I actually forgot to take a picture of our dinner, but we keep Sundays pretty chilled. My mum and I watched some TV (of course animal documentaries, Harry Potter) and just chatted as always. Sometimes we play cards together but this time we just didn’t leave the couch. I also watched some more Youtube and had some after dinner sweets. Lachgummis are so delicious!!

And that was my typical Sunday. I hope you enjoyed this post and got a little peak into my life and how I like to spend my chilled days. Don’t forget to check out ughmango’s post.

How do you spend a typical day in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

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27 thoughts on “Typical day in our lives – with ughmango

      1. You’re so welcome xxx. I’m following your blog. I’m going to have to keep up with your posts as I really enjoyed this read! Xxx

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  1. I love how chilled this post was and that whole pictures in polaroids is such a cute idea, it looks really cool! It was so much fun collabing with you and doing something for my blog that I usually don’t do!! 💗 xx

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  2. I work Sundays and am at University Monday-Friday so days off for me are very rare (cannot wait to graduate when I can get my weekends back!). A day off would consists of a lie-in, probably a cooked breakfast and lazing around all day watching TV shows and movies. xx

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