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I have a problem and this problem is called face masks and now also hair masks. I love to try new masks so much and I buy way too many of them. But this means I can share with you my experiences and thoughts about them. Today I am reviewing three masks, two face masks and one hair mask. I hope you like this.

2018-02-17 01.18.23 1-01.jpeg

I actually went to my local DM because I saw the second mask in this picture online and had to get it. But let’s go from left to right and start with the hair mask.

I am going to rate the masks in these categories:

  • smell
  • consistency
  • feeling
  • effect

Alverde – nutri-care BB-Haarmaske

I love alverde products, I think they’re super nice to my skin, body and really inexpensive. I wanted to try a hair mask because my hair felt super dry these last days and after I tried a mask from my sister I needed one for myself.

The mask smells super delicious. My hair had a nice settled smell of this the whole day and I absolutely loved it. The consistency is nice and creamy and it applies super easy to your hair. I used this under the shower after I washed my hair (5 to 10 minutes). After I washed this mask off, my hair felt super nice and soft. I blow-dried my hair afterwards and my hair felt soft but it was also a little bit flat which didn’t bother me personally.
I don’t know how to describe it but my hair didn’t feel as nice as I was hoping it to feel, so in the end I liked it but definitely want to try a few more masks before going back to this one.

I rate this a 3.5/5.

2018-02-16 03.04.01 1-01.jpeg

Porenfein klärende Maske

I saw this mask online and freaked out. For weeks I am saying to my family I wish they would release a scrub version of their masks. So many brands brought out face scrubs and most of them are super expensive in my opinion. This little scrub-mask cost 0,75€, super inexpensive.

The mask smells quite good. It consists clay and I think you can smell that but it doesn’t have a bad smell or anything like that. You can feel the little scrub parts when you apply this to your skin but it still feels super gently and nice. It still has the consistency of a face mask which I really like. After you leave this mask on for 3 minutes you wash it off. This was super fun to me and afterwards my skin felt so healthy, nice, soft and clean. All the dry skin parts where gone and I also feel like it helped with my spots. Highly recommend checking this mask out especially for the price.

I rate this 5/5!

Grüner Tee und Mango Maske

The last mask I only discovered inside my DM when I was on the hunt for the last scrub-mask. I love the sound of mango and green tea so I took it with me and tried it out. I tried nearly every mask from Balea, so I knew what the consistency would be like. The mask is like a heavy face cream, super nice to apply. What I wasn’t expecting was the amazing smell. This mask smells incredible. It also feels super lovely on my skin, which I was a little bit nervous about. I recently bought the Chai-tea mask from this brand and my face did not like that. It burned so much in seconds and I had to wash it of straight away. Luckily this one doesn’t feel anything like that. On the package it says to not wash this mask off, but I always have to do that because otherwise my face feels super sticky and you can still see parts of the mask on it.

Because of that I rate this mask a 4.5/5.

Do you like face masks? What do you think of these ones? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

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