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I have a yellow obsession at the moment. I wear yellow clothes, drink yellow smoothies and now bake yellow cakes. But this cake turned out soo good and I can’t even describe to you how happy I was with this.

I had a little baking break. I don’t know why but every recipe I tried to make turned out bad, so I lost the motivation and joy to bake for a few weeks. BUT then I discovered this amazing baking blog and this girl totally made me want to bake again. Her recipes look and sound soo good and her pictures are a dream. Her recipes are also vegan and I love to try new recipes and vegan always sounds so much cooler, so I made her vegan lemon cake.

I am going to link the recipe here because she explains every step so much better than I would do.

2018-02-26 03.46.23 1-01.jpeg
I baked this cake yesterday and I had a pretty good day (shocking because it was a Monday). I woke up at around 8 am, had some chocolate for breakfast (so healthy) and then made myself some pasta for lunch. I also read Harry Potter, caught up with comments and Instagram and watched a few videos. By the time I went food shopping it was about 12 o’clock so not that late yet. I love going food shopping. It’s such a calming thing to do and I like the little walk to my supermarket.

Although the sun was shining, which always puts me in such a good mood, it was so so so so cold outside. I felt like a snowman, my hands felt frozen, so excited for spring. I only needed to get a few things, but you know how food shopping works and in the end I had a little more in my basket. I currently love to drink smoothies and really wanted to try a carrot one so I bought one (saved some money because the brand was on sale). I also bought the ingredients for a second cake I want to make in a few days, so that was exciting to me.

If you not know already I am currently trying different lacto-free products because dairy and I don’t like each other anymore. I bought some lacto-free strawberry yoghurt (which is so good) and also some lemon sorbet ice cream (this stuff!!). Oh and I had to buy some sugar for my cake. After that I carried everything back home and after a little break, I made my cake.

I’ve only baked one vegan cake so I wasn’t so sure if this would turn out good. I constantly checked my cake and although it already had a little tan on one side I left it in for 10 more minutes because the inside was still super soft and sticky. After those 10 minutes the cake looked fine so I got it out of the oven.

2018-02-26 03.46.25 1-01.jpeg


You aren’t supposed to cut a cake when it’s still warm, but I was too excited to try this so my piece was a little crumbly, but tasted really nice. My brother tried some and the cake was gone by today so that made me really happy. I also saved some for my mum and my dad enjoyed a few pieces as well.

I love how easy this recipe is and how delicious the cake tastes. I definitely would recommend checking your cake a few times before you take it out of the oven, but other than that this recipe is amazing and super easy to follow.

Do you like lemon cake? Let me know in the comments below and also tell me how you liked this baking post.

Love, x


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