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I wanted to do this post for ages and now it’s finally the time to write it and share it with you. Although I love face masks, hair masks and stuff like that I have another passion. I use so many handcreams and so many different ones because I have the most dry skin ever. But I really found some amazing products that helped me out so I am going to share them with you today.

2017-12-29 10.45.50 1-01.jpeg

I am going to rate these in smell, consistency and effect.

Starting from the left the first hand-cream I am going to talk about is the one by Neutrogenar. This cream costs 2,85 €. The brand says that this cream soaks into your skin really quickly and I can say this is very true. My hands don’t feel sticky afterwards. The consistency of this mask is a little sticky, but as long as my hands don’t feel like that, I don’t mind that. The only thing is that it’s not creamy so I need a lot of it to work for me. It has a very neutral smell, so I rate this 3,5/5.

Sante creams. I own and tried two of the Sante creams and both of them are really nice. They are vegan and cruelty free, so I think that’s super great. They cost 2,95€ which is a little bit more pricey. The consistency is super creamy and it soaks into your skin very nicely. The only thing is that sometimes they can leave your hands a little oily, but that’s not always like this so just try it and see it for yourself. They also smell amazing, especially the pink one. I rate these 4/5.

Balea handcream. This comes in two different versions and I used and own both of them. The only difference between them is the smell, but both of them smell amazing. They cost 1,45€ and I would say they are very similar to the Zoella hand-cream in terms of the consistency. It’s super creamy and soaks immediately into my skin. I really love these a lot and my mum is obsessed with them too. They are also vegan and for this price I rate them a 5/5.

Jean&Len. A friend of mine got me this for Christmas and omg. I was super obsessed with this hand-cream. It’s vegan and has only good ingredients in it. It costs 3,95€ which is quite expensive. The brand is super gently and nice and you really feel like they only use good things for their stuff. The slogans on their products are hilarious and I totally would describe this as just the coolest brand out there. The consistency is super similar to the Balea one and it soaks really nicely into your skin. The smell is a little weird when you smell it for the first time, but then it’s super nice. I rate this 4,5/5.

Dresdner Essenz. My mum bought me this when it was so cold outside that my hands looked and felt so bad. This really helped a lot. It smells nice, the consistency is really creamy and it does soak into your skin quite quickly. But after using this for a longer time I feel like my hands where quite oily and for the price of 2,95€ I rate this a 3,5/5.

Zoella wonder hand. I ordered so so so so many of these and used them up too quickly. This is a great hand cream. My mum and sister loved it so much as well and it’s a super nice creamy consistency, smells amazing and works with my skin. But this costs about 4 to 6 euros and although Rossmann is selling them now, I think it’s a little expensive. I love Zoe, but at the moment I rather go for something different. I rate this 4/5.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I really wanted to write this for a long time. Let me know what you use on your hands in the comments below.

Love, x


25 thoughts on “My hand-cream collection |Glücksgeist

  1. nice lot of hand creams, I thought I had a quite a few but there you go not the only one. They all look good, I have to try different ones as with this very cold spell we had recently my hands got dry and cracked so I lather it on at night and put some cotton gloves on, nice. The only one I think I can get here is the norwegian one and have had lots of recommendations on that one too

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  2. You’ve got a nice collection going on here! I love hand creams and I am always searching for the perfect hand cream! I haven’t tried any of these, so thank you for expanding my search 😆

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