If we were having … #2 |Glücksgeist

I loved writing the first one so much that I thought it would be time for a second part. I don’t drink coffee so I went for a smoothie instead (which actually didn’t taste that good, but oh well). I hope you enjoy this one.

2018-02-27 08.19.45 1-01.jpeg

If we were having I would tell you that I just got my Uni ID. My mum and I went there together and it really felt like a Gilmore Girls moment. It felt like the trip where Rory and her mum visit Harvard, it really meant a lot to me.

If we were having… I would tell you that I was so overwhelmed with the great response on my second blogger talk post. It was a lot more personal and so many people left such amazing comments, it made me really happy.

If we were having I would tell you that the sun is shining and sunshine always puts me in the best mood. I would also tell you that I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I had a 19 hour day, expecting to sleep so long the next day but nope, woke up at 7 30 am. My body loves me sometimes ;). But having a 19 hour day was pretty good and I don’t know why but I always feel so productive and got so much done.

If we were havingI would tell you that I started my March playlist and I already found a few great new songs. I started creating a playlist for each month this year and I have so much fun with this so if you want leave some song suggestions in the comments.

If we were having… I would tell you how much I am enjoying blogging at the moment. I’m uploading a post nearly everyday and the reason for that is that before Uni starts I want to make the most of my free-time.

Love, x


18 thoughts on “If we were having … #2 |Glücksgeist

  1. I actually really love the Innocent smoothies (I believe that is the mango one) so it’s a shame you didn’t like it as they’re not cheap! I remember picking up my student ID for the first time and seeing how young I looked on the ID and thinking I’m stuck with this for the next 3 years… it’s a surprise how I haven’t ‘accidentally’ lost it yet. xx

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