I finally bought one |Glücksgeist

I see so many people raving about their beautyblenders. Every youtuber owns one of them and even my sister has a little selection of them. I wasn’t really interested in them because I thought I wouldn’t like them. I don’t know why but on Monday I really wanted to buy one and test one. So I went to my local DM and bought one.

2018-03-07 01.05.58 1-01.jpeg

I got this beautyblender for 2,45€. It comes in three colours I think, blue, purple and pink. I went for the blue one because it was right in front of me and I do like the colour blue. I went to the theatre on Tuesday so this was the perfect time to try this little thing out.

I struggle with really dry skin. At the moment I only use powder because liquid make up makes my skin look awful and patchy. I saw so many youtubers using a spray on their blenders or add water to them so I did the same and I really like it. I pressed the beauty blender into my powder and then started applying it to my skin. I was so surprised when I saw it, no patches, not dry skin peaking out. After I finished applying the powder to my face, it looked so good and nice. At first I wasn’t sure if the powder was too dark for me but then I really loved it.

I went to the theatre and after I came home my skin looked as if I just applied the make up to it, I was so impressed and happy. I am really happy I discovered this product for me because it is a total life saver. I am going to test it some more over the next days, but I am already loving it.

Do you use a beauty blender? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x


36 thoughts on “I finally bought one |Glücksgeist

  1. I got a beauty blender in my advent calendar and literally do not know how I ever managed without one! It makes my make-up look so smooth and you don’t have any brush strokes. Would highly recommend. xx

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  2. I love my beauty blender although I am terrible for not washing them and thus tend to just buy the cheap Poundland ones as I replace them frequently enough aha, but they totally work just as good as pricier ones in my opinion 🙂 xo

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  3. I love my beauty blender, I was using the real techniques one but treated myself to the original the other day, yet to try it though as I hate getting them dirty 🙈 the only time I don’t use them when I wear makeup is if I’m in a rush; I don’t know why but having to wet them feels like too much wasted time.. which it isn’t really as I spend longer having to blend sometimes without them 😊

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  4. I struggle with dry skin too. I prefer how a brush application looks to a sponge as I find sponges can eat up foundation and make coverage look sheer. I do like sponges because they are so gentle at applying product though lol

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  5. I ended up buying the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge and I really love it. I thought about buying the Beauty Blender, but opted for this one since it’s cheaper. Seeing your review makes me want to buy it to see if there is a difference between the products!

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