Current obsessions #2 |Glücksgeist

I didn’t upload a monthly favourites this month, just because all these things I am about to share with you a brand new obsessions, mostly from the end of February and also from this March’s week. I also loved my first post so much that I had to turn it into a series.

2018-03-07 02.26.03 1.jpg


2018-02-26 01.09.22 1-01-01.jpeg As you can see by the photo I am really obsessed with these snacks. In Germany we would call them “Milchschnitte”, but it’s basically chocolate, milk, honey and it’s super soft. I am so obsessed with them at the moment because I found the lacto-free version of them a few days ago. I went food shopping with my dad and we saw these in the lacto-free section. At first I didn’t want to get them but then I thought why not try something new and I’m so happy I tried these, because OBSESSED. (lacto-free = still dairy, but I don’t feel sick afterwards)

2018-02-26 01.09.22 1-01-01.jpeg
I also discovered a new amazing blog called ‘the little blog of vegan’. I already tried one of the recipes and it went super well and I was so happy with my Lemon cake. Also this Girl is so so nice and lovely. She saw my post and wrote me such a nice message which made me so happy. You need to check out her blog immediately because all her recipes are amazing.


2018-02-26 01.09.22 1-01-01.jpeg

Speaking of food I’ve also been loving lacto-free white chocolate at the moment from the brand Rewe-frei von. This chocolate tastes so good!! I really missed eating white chocolate so I’m super happy that I found this alternative.


2018-02-26 01.09.22 1-01-01.jpeg

I’ve been also watching so many interviews of Jennifer Lawrence and Saoirse Ronan. Both of them are so funny and I really want to see ‘Ladybird’ soon because I heard so many good things from it.



2018-02-26 01.09.22 1-01-01.jpeg

I also wanted to share a few youtubers I discovered recently with you. I’ve been loving Elena Taber, Mallory on the Moon, Olivia Rouyre and Summer Mckeen lately.



2018-02-26 01.09.22 1-01-01.jpeg

Lastly I bought a new Mascara and another beauty related item two days ago and I am really loving them. I am going to upload a review for both products soon (maybe one of them is up already when I upload this).


I hope you liked this post! Let me know what you’ve been loving lately in the comments below.

Love, x


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