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I recently shared a post about my favourite youtubers with you. One of them is the amazing Hailey from Bryce + Hailey. I love their channel so so much and Hailey has the best style and both of them share the most amazing personalites. Hailey’s Instagram account is called ‘Dreaming out loud‘ and I love this name so much.

I am a total dreamer and I think dreams are the most amazing thing and it’s so important to have them. When I see Hailey’s photos I always feel like she’s sharing such a bright and positive photo with us, literally a dream. In her videos she’s always so happy and I always feel so happy when I watch them.

Bryce and Hailey are also the most down-to-earth people ever. They literally are just living and enjoying life. I think that’s one of the most amazing things ever. We get so stuck in our daily routines that we sometimes forget to really live and enjoy life as much as we can.

These guys also love to travel and I wish I could go on a road trip with them. They share the most amazing places in their videos and always show that you don’t need much to enjoy your surroundings. Their thrift shop vlogs are amazing and always inspire me to DIY my own clothes and things and they show that you don’t have to buy brand new things because there are so many amazing things on this planet already.

You are probably thinking why do I tell you this right now. A few weeks ago Hailey announced her partnership with a bracelet company. She designed a few super pretty bracelets for them and they are the most beautiful things. One of them even has a sunflower charm on them.

2018-03-08 10.51.20 1.jpg

I really wanted to buy them but they were sold quite fast and I already spend too much money recently so I thought I am going to make some myself. I loved doing this so much. I love to be creative and making these was one of the best things ever. I really love sunflowers a lot and I really loved Hailey’s charm that she designed so I went on eBay and found this little one for 1,79€. This was such a bargain and I’m so happy that I bought it. These bracelets cost me about 3€ in total and I can still make more of them.

2018-03-08 10.51.21 1-01.jpeg

I had this super long introduction to tell you what these bracelets mean to me and for what they stand. Every time I look at them they immediately make me happy. Yellow is my favourite colour at the moment, I always loved blue and I am obsessed with sunflowers. This allows me to always smile when I look at them and to be so much more positive. When I look at them I remember that the little things in life are what counts and this little bracelet brought me so much joy and happiness, it’s incredible.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to write this for ages now and I am so happy with how it turned out. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x


17 thoughts on “Dreaming out loud |Glücksgeist

    1. Thank you so much Elena!! They were really easy to make, but I really love them a lot. You should totally give them ago! (Hab bei YouTube einfach Freundschaftarmband knüpfen eingegeben und ganze viele Videos dazu gefunden) xx

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