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I am obsessed with the little blog of vegan. This girl has so many amazing recipes and it’s so hard to choose the next one I want to try. But I decided to go for the lemon cupcakes and this was one of the best decisions ever.

I love lemon a lot and so does my family. I read this recipe and loved how simple it sounded and also that you only needed a few ingredients ( I only had to buy the lemon). I had a really nice productive day so I went out early to the supermarket and bought the lemon to start baking. I don’t think I’ve ever bought just one thing at the supermarket but it was quite refreshing to actually buy the stuff I really needed ;).

This recipe (linked here) is amazing. You put everything into a bowl, bake the muffins for about 20 minutes, let them cool and decorate them with what you want. It’s my favourite recipe at the moment and I’m already planning on making these again.

I used some edible flowers for decorations and I absolutely loved how they turned my muffins into a little masterpiece. They also taste really nice and remind me of my childhood (who loved “ess-papier” too?).

I really recommend trying this recipe yourself. The cupcakes are so tasty and were gone by a day.

Love, x

34 thoughts on “The best vegan recipe I’ve tried so far |Glücksgeist

  1. Okay, so these lemon look amazing! Can you please send an entire box to me because baking is not my greatest strength? They look so scrumptious😍 xx

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