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I wrote a few letters to some of my blogger friends recently. I wanted to create the most amazing letters and after I watched too many YouTube videos I decided to create a “Zine” and add it to each of them.

I called mine “The little book of positivity” and I think that name describes a Zine pretty good. A Zine is basically a little notebook which you can fill with whatever you want. You can write quotes in it or just add pictures.

I am loving yellow and orange lately so I went for these colours but you can choose whatever colour scheme you want. And because I found this girl who shows you amazingly how to make a Zine yourself, I am going to link the video here.

The best way to show you each page is probably by unfolding my book. I used some napkins, washi tape and some photos which I printed with my HP sprocket. I have a little yellow mood board on Pinterest and it’s basically full with happy-making quotes on yellow backgrounds. I used a lot of them in this.

My favourite quotes have to be:

1. The world is filled with nice people. If you can’t find one be one.

2. Everyone has their yellow paint.

3. The best project you will ever work on is you.

I also added two sort of quotes that mean a lot to me. First of all I added the words “Dreaming out loud“. I recently uploaded a blog post where I talk about the meaning of these words (check it out here).

And I also added “Feelin’ Florio” to my book. I am planning on doing a blog post on this as well. For now it means being positive, free and enjoying life. It reminds me to don’t feel stuck and live the moment. Florio is the last name of one of my favourite YouTubers Tess Florio and she’s one of the most amazing girls out there so I had to include her in this.

What do you think of my little Zine book? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

23 thoughts on “My Yellow “Zine” |Glücksgeist

  1. I am in love with how creative you are with your photographs. I’ve been feeling in a rut for the past few months in terms of my creativity and seeing your photos is making me think of ways I can be more creative. xx

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