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I am starting Uni next week so I needed a new bag or rucksack for all of my Uni-stuff. I mean I do have quite a few bags, but this is an important life changing moment and I really wanted a backpack, so I went on ASOS and had a little look.
Of course I found one after a few minutes of browsing, well I actually found two. I ordered both of them and whilst I waited for them to arrive I fell more and more in love with the black one. The package arrived, I was super excited, opened the parcel and what was missing? My black backpack. Instead I had a black (ugly) bag inside it.

So I send the whole thing back and luckily I was able to order the black rucksack again (sold out now). I hoped so so much that this time I would actually get my backpack and not a black purse. The parcel was supposed to arrive on Wednesday. It didn’t but today on Thursday (after stalking the postman) I finally got my backpack. I am super in love with it and after this long wait I am so glad to have it now.


I am going to use it for Uni so I thought I write a little ‘What’s in my bag’ post. Of course I am probably going to add stuff to it, but for now I am sharing the basic edition with you.

  1. Plasters
  2. A book (atm Harry Potter)
  3. tissues
  4. My mum got me this little game-controller-thing for Christmas where you can play 100 different mini-games (so cool)
  5. Mentos
  6. My purse with some money
  7. Hair ties
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. perfume
  10. Hand cream
  11. My keys
  12. Two notebooks
  13. Pens in different colours
  14. Girl stuff
  15. And my bullet journal/ Memory journal

2018-03-15 01.43.28 1-01.jpeg

As I said I am probably going to add stuff to it but for now that’s all I got in there. I am excited for next week but also quite nervous.

I hope you enjoyed this post. And thanks to my sister for helping me with one of the pictures.

Love, x



32 thoughts on “What’s in my UNI bag |Glücksgeist

  1. That black rucksack is really cute 🙂 You can fit quite a lot of stuff in it which is awesome! I’ve recently gotten in the habit of bringing my water bottle everywhere with me. Tissues is a really good idea though, I can’t remember all the time I’ve been caught out without a tissue haha!

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  2. Good luck at uni! 💕 I love a good “What’s in my bag” post! There are so many things that you can take with you that could be useful one day, I always have to keep myself from “overpacking” haha! xx

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