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I thought it was time for another Blogger talk. I can’t even thank you enough for the amazing feedback on my last one. I was so overwhelmed with all the lovely comments, so thank you so so much.

Today’s post isn’t as personal as the last one, but I wanted to write it for a while now. Today’s post is about Daily blogging. Although I wouldn’t call myself a daily blogger, I do had a few months where I uploaded a post every single day. I really enjoyed the experience and wanted to share a few tips with you and also tell you why it’s so much fun to me.

2018-03-15 01.43.31 1-01.jpeg

Love him….

Uploading a post every single day is a lot of fun. I really love blogging a lot and sometimes I have these days or months where I love it so much that I want to take pictures everyday and write blog posts 24/7. I am not going to lie I also have days where I am just too lazy to write a new blog post and skip a day, but that’s so okay and I think a lot of people can relate to this. I think blogging is totally addicting and when you start it you don’t want to break off.

Blogging everyday is not only fun but it also helps your blog to grow. It’s pretty easy, when you upload a post every single day the chance of people reading one of your posts is so much higher. Some people need a few posts before they fall in love with your blog and when they see a post from you every single day they won’t forget you and actually remember your blog.

BUT it’s so much hard work. Of course you don’t want to publish something rubbish, so planning is quite important for this. You really shouldn’t upload a post you don’t love just to get more views or stuff like that because in the end it won’t work. I do plan a few of my posts. I had months where nearly all of my posts were scheduled but I also had weeks where I wrote each post on the day I wanted to upload it. I actually prefer this at the moment. When I scheduled most of my posts I started disliking them and I felt like I wasn’t really up-to-date because my posts were so old when they finally went live…
It doesn’t matter when you write the actual post but taking your pictures a few days before, or maybe writing a few of your sentences down will help you a lot.

I can’t promise that your stats will explode immediately. Some people don’t like daily bloggers and some months or weeks work better than others. Of course you shouldn’t daily blog just because of likes and followers, but it really can help your blog. It is a lot of fun and I really recommend trying it. You don’t have to do it for the rest of the year, but maybe choose a month where you have the time to write good posts and try it yourself. A lot of people enjoy Blogmas, but December is so far away so just take a month and start.

I hope this post was a little interesting. I really enjoy this series a lot and after seeing so many advice posts I wanted to share my own thoughts on some blogging things.

Love, x


20 thoughts on “BLOGGER TALK #3 |Glücksgeist

  1. Blogging is by far my favourite thing to do though and wish I could spend more time putting into my blog, maybe I should fight some time for it 🙂 x x

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  2. I would love to blog daily but I can never find enough time and I prefer releasing just one on a Sunday so I can put all my effort into just that one post. I can definitely see the benefits to blogging daily though 😊 xx

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  3. Hehe Cole Sprouse is adorable. I admire your dedication and creativity to uploading everyday – I struggle to think of ideas to upload once a week sometimes! xx

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  4. This was such an amazing post! I used to write 4 times a week but I have dropped it down to twice a week now. The engagement has definitely decreased but I suffered anyway from going self-hosted ((shrug)). I know that I’m writing more content I enjoy and I get more meaningful replies which is all that matters! xx

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    1. Thank you!!! I am enjoying it so much at the moment and try to make the most out of it before uni starts. I love your blog posts so much and I am so upset you’re having so many problems with going self-hosted. Love your blog xx


  5. To be honest, the last month I was struggling a little bit with blogging. I really enjoy it, but I in the last couple of weeks I hardly had time to write posts or to take photos. It was so annoying, I wanted to do something I love but I didn’t have the time for it.
    Now I have a lot of school work done and now I can focus more on blogging again!
    I love your BLOGGER TALK posts, I can always relate to them! xx

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    1. Aww thanks so much!! That makes me so happy that you like them!! Blogging is really time consuming but I always have the weekend or a day in between where I write as much as I can xx

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