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A few weeks ago I asked the amazing Angela from Lifeofangela for her address because I really wanted to send her a letter. Angela was not only so kind and gave me her address but immediately said that she wanted to send me a letter aswell. So one day my dad came home from work and brought me this letter which came all the way from New Zealand. I freaked out not going to lie because I never received a letter from the other side of the world.

The letter I got was so cute and amazing and made me smile all day. The internet is just such a crazy thing isn’t it. Angela not only send me a letter though she also included these amazing tattoos which I really wanted to share with you.

I haven’t done one of these flash tattoos or however you call them in ages. Of course I had so many when I was a child and a few years ago my mum bought a ton of silver and gold tattoos and we loved to wear them but the quality wasn’t the best so they would only last maybe a day if you were luckily.

The tattoos that Angela send me are first of all so pretty. I kind of wanted to save them forever but then I decided to treat myself and use one. So far they lasted a whole day without breaking and I’m already super impressed with them. They also doesn’t irritate my skin which is super nice. I think the best part of these tattoos is that such a lovely person send me them and this makes the whole tattoo experience so much better.

Thank you so much Angela for your amazing letter. I was so excited to write this post and tell you how amazing these tattoos are.

Love, x

25 thoughts on “A letter from New Zealand |Glücksgeist

  1. Angela sent me a card for my B day, she is so sweet and kind, one of my favorite people on wordpress for sure. I’m so glad you guys connected through this platform, also love the tattoo, it looks beautiful. xx

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  2. Yay!! I’m so glad you used one of the henna flash tattoos! They really are stunning 😀
    I’ve been meaning to get more from the brand I bought them from as I do love them (they also got me obsessed with mandala patterns, hence my actual tattoos haha!). I love that we send each other letters! It’s so crazy to think I have so many friends all around the globe 🙂 ❤

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  3. This is so sweet! I love writing my best friends letters, since we live quite far away due to attending different Universities and it’s always such a nice surprise to receive a letter from them. It’s something that texting and skyping can never quite capture in the same way. xx

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