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I hardly ever speak about my Instagram account (Gluecksgeist) on my blog and although I do follow a lot of you guys I am not sure if I found every account of yours. Personally I absolutely love Instagram. I am really into photography and love seeing all these pretty pictures on my feed. A lot of people don’t like Instagram because of the fake lifes people seem to live, but I think as long as you don’t take it too serious it’s just a lot of fun and who doesn’t love to take some photos (especially as a blogger).

I didn’t really get what a feed is until a few weeks ago. I am definitely not saying that I have a perfect one and I am a pro at this but I wanted to talk a little bit about my photos.

I am so yellow/orange obsessed at the moment and you can really tell this by my pictures. I mostly upload yellow pictures and because of that I do have a sort of yellow feed on it. Yellow is my happy colour so looking at these photos makes me sooo happy and I love hearing from you that you like them as well.

Until a few weeks ago my favourite colour was pink. I really love that colour still but since I discovered Hailey s Instagram account (dreaming out loud) and YouTube channel I am a yellow girl. I bought quite a few yellow pieces and wearing them makes me so happy. Yellow of course reminds me of the sun and the sun makes me so happy and productive so I just have to love this colour.

I am looking out for yellow things for my pictures but often I just already have them or bought them recently without thinking too much about them, which I think is the best way to get a sort of feed. I am trying though to really don’t think too much about whether it is yellow enough or the pictures go with my feed because than it would stress me out too much and I probably wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. Also editing pictures can be quite something so I try to edit them the way I like them and the rest doesn’t matter.

So if you have an Instagram account leave your name in the comments below. I hope you liked this post.

Love, x

52 thoughts on “My Instagram feed |Glücksgeist

  1. Yellow is a perfect colour – mine is purple! My instagram is michelle1969 – but it’s about my diet & Lupus battle – not sure it’s a good one for you to follow – but you’re more than welcome 💜

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  2. aww so happy for having stumbled upon your blog! Love it already! You have surely earned a follower both here and in your Instagram! My Insta account name is called „blissfitnutrition“. It revolves mostly around plant based food and it is also the platform where I share a little bit of my day-to-day life 🙂 x

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  3. I love it!! I’ve had an Instagram for a little over two years now and I think I finally got it. I love the yellow theme! I have a blue/white/moon aesthetic for my Etsy (ladaisychain_crochet) and idk what I’m doing for my blog lol it was pink/comics/poetry idk 😅😂

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