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I hope you’re still enjoying all my yellow themed posts because I have another one for you today. I ordered a few things from the brand Stradivarius a few days ago and received them last Friday. I love everything I got and had to share this specific item with you.

I got another backpack! I got a black one by the same brand where I got my Uni one (What’s in my UNI bag )  and when I saw this yellow one I just had to get it. As I said I use the black one for Uni so I (of course) had to get another one which I can use for everyday things.

2018-03-24 06.32.12 1-01.jpeg


I already used this one on Saturday when I went out to meet a friend and it’s such a great bag, amazing. First of all you get a lot of things in this one. It is smaller than my Uni one but I still had so much stuff inside it and it didn’t feel super heavy or something like this.

I obviously love the colour like crazy and my mum is also so obsessed with this one. I really love the look of it and how useful it is. I haven’t worn backpacks for ages and now I can’t imagine going for a normal bag anymore. I love that I have my hands free and don’t have one sore shoulder.

Do you use backpacks? What do you think of this one? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x


42 thoughts on “Living the yellow lifestyle |Glücksgeist

  1. I don’t really like backpacks, but I think I’ll have to get one because sometimes they are just easy and you can fit a lot of stuff in them. I just have to find perfect one. I love your obsession with yellow, it’s so fun. xx

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  2. I prefer backpacks to handbags because you can put them on your back and not worry about them the entire day. Handbags have a tendency to move around and get caught up in things and are generally a lot of hassle. The yellow colour is cute. xx

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  3. I seriously can’t live without my backpack! I’m always carrying my rope, my rope walking shoes, trainingsclothes, notebook and all sorts of weird stuff, and if I carry it in any other kind of bag I get such a pain in my back -.-‘
    / Sara 🙂

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