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Comparing every single face mask I reviewed | Glücksgeist

Looking through all my posts to find (hopefully) every single face mask review was really cool and also quite cringy…. some posts are just not good, but I actually don’t want to delete them because it’s part of my journey right?

Hannah from Justhannahhere inspired me for this post, so a BIG shout-out to her. I really love the idea behind this because when I started reviewing face masks I was just so excited (still am) about them and gave every single one 5/5. After trying a few I feel like I do have some favourites and tried some which I loved and now don’t really like that much anymore. I really hope you like this post. I’m going to link every single review here so if you want check them out and see what I thought about them when I first tried them.

I’m going to start with my least favourite and end with my favourite(s).

~ New l’oréal face mask ~

I really like this face mask. I’ve only used it a couple of times when this post is going live, so I can’t say if it does what it says, but my skin feels really good after it and much nicer. I love love the blue colour and it’s for sure one of my new favourite face masks.

I really was so excited for this mask. My dad got it for me because I needed it the day I found out that this masks exists. It cost me 9,95€ which I think is a lot. At the beginning I used this a lot, but after a while I just never got around to use it anymore and I just don’t feel like it changed my skin or helped me in any way.

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~ My favourite face masks – garnier ~

I called this post ‘My favourite face masks – Garnier’ and honestly they really were my favourites for a long long time. I loved the consistency of them, the price is good, I just did them too often and then got interested in other masks so that’s the only reason I’m adding them on the bottom of this list. I still would recommend trying them.

~ Bale multimasking face mask review ~

I really love this face mask. I’ve been looking for a mask like this because my skin isn’t just dry or oily, it’s both, so this mask actually is amazing. Would I buy it again? Definitely!

I don’t think I ever bought it again. I liked this mask, but I tried other two in one masks which I definitely prefer. So actually and although it’s by one of my favourite brands I would not recommend this particular one to you.

~ The most refreshing face mask ~

As I said, I love that watermelon is such a refreshing snack and so is this face-mask. This is the most refreshing face mask I’ve ever tried. It smells, of course, of watermelon and it’s kind of hard not to eat the mask whilst applying it.

I do love watermelon a lot. This mask really felt refreshing, but I just haven’t used it since last summer. I mean I just didn’t feel that summery yet, so maybe I go back to this but honestly I don’t think so.

Sephora lip mask review

I think I would rate this a 3 out of 5. I didn’t hate it but I also didn’t love it.

I think I’m pretty happy with my rating here. Maybe even a 2, but this mask didn’t do anything for my lips. I like the concept of having a lip mask but it should actually work then. Not for me, love sephora though.

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~ Garnier hydra bomb face mask review ~

I absolutely love this face masks. It definitely deserves 5 out of 5 stars. If you struggle with dry skin this mask is the one for you.

I do love the brand a lot and like the sheets mask, but I actually never buy this particular mask anymore because it is scented and leaves my skin a little bit red and irritated. That is just because I have super sensitive skin, so would recommend but just keep that in mind.

2017-12-12 09.34.23 1-01.jpeg
~ sephora face mask review ~

The only sad thing about it is that you can only use the mask once, so I give it 4/5.
I really loved this mask a lot! It’s super refreshing and so much fun to do, 4.5/5.

The only reasons they aren’t on the top are that they are more expensive and harder to get for me. I love sephora face masks and I 100% recommend them to anybody.

~ garnier hydra bomb sheet mask ~

In this review I actually compared this mask to the Balea sheet mask. The result was that I liked the garnier one better and I did for quite a while, but now I always go for the balea one so LOVE this mask a lot, but I just love the balea one more.

~ Charcoal peel off mask review ~

All in all I love this mask! I am so so happy I found this affordable alternative which really does a good job. It is quiet painful at first but I think you really get used to it.

I bought so many packages of this mask until I upgraded and got a big size in a bottle. I use it every couple of weeks. Sometimes I’m in a mood where I use it a whole month and then I forget about it. It’s not the best peel-off mask in the world but I like using it, so I would recommend trying it.

I rated this a 5/5 back in the day. I’m not using it on a daily-basis anymore, just because this is a little bit messy so I prefer using it in the shower. I also bought another Garnier product which is super similar to this one and as it is not so messy I use it a lot more. BUT I always go back to this and probably would rate it a 4,5 now, so really recommend.

2018-02-17 01.18.23 1-01.jpeg
~ Face masks review ~

I reviewed two masks in one post and the Mango tea one still is one of my favourites. I bought it a few times already and just love the smell of it.
The other mask I like but I don’t use that often just because I already own a face scrub and I don’t want to use two and over-scrub my face. But if you don’t have one yet I would recommend this one.

2018-04-08 11.18.55 1-01.jpeg
~ alverde two in one face mask review ~

I really like the concept of this mask a lot. I think it’s really fun to get two different masks and have a sort of face mask routine. I think the price is super okay for this one and although the black mask is a little hard to wash off I still like it. I would rate it a 3,5/5 and do recommend checking it out.

I only reviewed this mask a few days ago but I think I would rate it a 4 now. I love that you get two mask in one and the black part is really fun to use just a little bit hard to get off. The brand uses really good ingredients so I would recommend it to you.

2018-04-11 12.47.41 1-01.jpeg

I already repurchased this mask and usually use it before I shower so it doesn’t matter if it gets a little bit messy.

This is one of my new favourite face masks. I love this one a lot. The mask is a bit hard to get off from the paper, but I really feel like my skin feels better and cleaner after using this one. I re-bought it a few times and definitely will continue using it.

~ Aqua face mask ~

This mask is incredible! I can highly recommend it!!

It really is!! It’s my favourite sheet mask. It costs 0,99 euros and works so good for me. My face feels fresh and hydrated afterwards and I bought so so many of them in the past weeks. Highly recommend trying this one.

So my favourite face mask which I LOVE to use at the moment is this one:

2018-04-08 11.18.56 1-01.jpeg
~ Coffee coconut review ~

This mask is amazing! It smells amazing, it feels amazing on the skin and washing it off has such a nice peeling effect my mum and I are obsessed with this one. I really recommend trying this mask as it is amazing. BUT also the brand is incredible. They’re vegan, don’t test on animals and use good ingredients for a good price.

I really hope you liked this post. It was quite long but I enjoyed writing it. Let me know what your favourite face mask is in the comments below.

Love, x


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