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There’s nothing more embarrassing than the sound of an empty tummy whilst you’re at Uni. It’s also hard to eat when you only have a break of 15 minutes during 1 and a half hour long lecturers in which you have to go and find the next classroom. Because of that I searched for some snacks which I could have on the go.

Chocolate biscuits

Biscuits in general are amazing snacks and that little bit of chocolate makes them so much more exciting. You can sneakily have them during a lecture or just on the go. They are super delicious and I can’t eat enough of them.


This isn’t a snack but an essential. I usually have one or two of these bottles in my bag depending on how long the day is. I get headaches when I don’t drink enough water so I always have a bottle with me.

Salami sticks

I haven’t opened these yet but they are super practical and really delicious. My mum loves them and she inspired me to pack these in my bag, so thanks mum.


These are amazing and the best snack EVER. I love them a lot and they are perfect to eat on the go. I ate already a few of them and I’m really happy that I put these in my bag.

What are your go-to-snacks? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

35 thoughts on “UNI snacks |Glücksgeist

  1. The sound of your stomach rumbling is so embarrasing. It happened to me during an exam and I’m sure my 700 co-students all heard it 😂 Chocolate or tiny tomatoes are my favourite snack! Xx

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  2. These snacks look amazing, I would also have coffee in lectures to get me through but I would have loved a salami stick! – my favourite snack is crisps but not sure that would go down to well in a quiet lecture hall ahah x

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  3. I am a snack fiend and these sound delicious! I love having Cliff bars, almonds, and fruit on hand. I have also been sneaking in almond butter and jam sandwiches when I have a meeting to be at during lunch or breakfast time 🙂

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