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I have a problem and I think we all know this by now. So on Saturday when I went shopping with a friend I bought some yellow nail polish because of my yellow addiction. I was sooo excited to use and try this one and thought that a review would be quite nice. Hope you like this.

I didn’t want to buy the most expensive one right away so I bought a really cheap one from the brand Trend it up. My mum owns a few nail polishes from them and I’ve always loved them a lot. I was really excited to try this one after always having great experiences with this brand.

The first coat I applied was nice and yellow but also really see-through. So I applied another coat but it still wasn’t as yellow as I hope it would be. After the third one I gave up and at first I did like it but after looking at it for a few more minutes I was a little disappointed. Yes my nails were yellow but it didn’t really look that nice. You could still see everything underneath and it wasn’t a good colour.

I didn’t want to be mad about the brand so I went out and bought a white nail polish to have a good base for the yellow colour.


O M G!! This is probably the best nail product I have ever bought. Thanks to Azra (from SimpleSerenity) I went for the brand essence and got the white gel nail polish. I applied one coat of this and it already looked incredible. After the second one it was white without anything looking through. I waited for it to dry and the applied my yellow nail polish and now it looks so good and yellow. I am more than obsessed with this nail polish, I won’t be ever buying a different one.

Who would have thought that I could prefer something over yellow?! Do you like yellow nail polish? What’s your favourite shade?

Love, x

33 thoughts on “Yellow nail polish review | Glücksgeist

  1. I never tried anything from Trend it up brand, I heard that their lip liners are great. I’m glad that you went for Essence and had great experience, they always have so many gems in collection. xx

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  2. I hate when nail polish doesn’t come out like it is suppose too! I have a Nail Polish I bought from Sephora, that I LOVE, it is called Taxi Cab and the perfect yellow! I also love white nail polish. It is such a different look. I love playing with color, but I also really love a classic french. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Hey Sunny Anni, I think you are firmly stuck in my mind so for now 🙂 You have a formidable collection of yellow now, eh? The only yellow I possess is a woollen top that I love with all my heart. Maybe I shall throw in a bit of yellow something for this summer 🙂 xx

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  4. I got a dark red (wine colored) nail polish from Trend it up this Christmas from my friend but honestly I didn’t like it for the same reason you talked here in this post. :/ Maybe I’ll try this trick with white base and see how it works but on daily basic I realy like white nails on me. It just goes with everything!:)

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