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I received my first subscription box a few days ago and I can’t even describe to you how I excited I was to get this little box. I watched all of Cherry Wallis Lootcrate unboxings and I really wanted to get one myself. After checking the price of one I was a little bit sad because a box costs 46 euros and that’s quite a lot of money. I checked the website daily to see if they have any coupon codes or something like this. On Valentin’s Day I got lucky and found myself having a 20% coupon code plus an extra Valentin’s Day special box. I ordered the Harry Potter box and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

It said that it’s going to arrive mid April but the box actually arrived at the end of March. I didn’t have to pay shipping costs which is amazing. The only thing I didn’t like was the company that delivered the box to me or better to a freaking far away shop who wasn’t organised at all and even said that they can’t find my parcel. Luckily my dad got it in the end but that was a little stressful. So I got this Wizarding World box for 32 euros and let’s see what’s inside it.

The first thing I spotted was the t-shirt. There’s a shirt in pretty much every box and I was really excited to get one. The one I got is a Lootcrate exclusive so only people who got this month’s box will have this. I actually really like it. I did see the shirts from the other boxes and some of them maybe are a little bit more colourful and special but I still like this one a lot and can’t wait to wear it.

I am a huge sucker for notebooks. I never end up really using them but just having them and collecting them makes me so happy. So of course I freaked out when I saw this cute little bundle of 4 notebooks inside it. I really love the designs of them and they are just so cute and magical.

In each box you can find a PIN. They designed a Pin for nearly each horkrux so I knew I wouldn’t get one of these because they already realised most of them. But I was still so excited for my one and I really like the one I received. It’s a doe which stands for the patronus of Lily Evans and Severus Snape. I love that a lot and I am super happy to have this in my little pin collection now.

I also found a cute little Hufflepuff magnet in my box. Before you receive your box you choose your Hogwarts house and then you get special house things in each box. I like the little magnet and it’s really cool to have something from you own house, especially because all the stuff are always just for Gryffindor and Slytherin.

As you can see I also got a wood thing which says on one side: Wizards Welcome, Muggles tolerated and on the other side: Wizardy at wok, no muggles allowed. It’s really cute and I’m planning on hanging it onto my wall.

BUT the best thing I got in this book was the Fantastic Beasts book. This book is so cool, insane and just amazing. It reminds me of my childhood book Briefe an Felix where you could pull out letters from each page. This book has so many cards and things inside it you really feel like a little kid exploring a book. Love this so so much.

I LOVED this box so much. I really want to get another one…

Have you ever received a subscription box? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

35 thoughts on “Wizarding World unboxing | Glücksgeist

  1. Omg this looks amazing!! I adore Harry Potter (don’t we all?) I like the little magnet, but I’d have a Slytherin one! xx

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  2. What a fun box! You’re right, I rarely see Ravenclaw (my house) or Hufflepuff stuff around. Which is annoying because you can’t just get a Gryffindor or Slytherin item, you can only get stuff for your own house! LOL!

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  3. This is so cute! I have never ordered a subscription box but this would definitely be something I would love to receive too! I have to ask, have you downloaded the new harry potter game for your phone? I am absolutely obsessed with it and I know you are such a big fan so I was wondering haha!

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      1. I dont know actually! I have to check that out! You move into hogwards in the game and it has a cool storyline and you have to attend classes and learn all the charms and duel with people and then there are some mysteries to figure out, it’s so much fun 💃🏼

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