An orange photo series | Glücksgeist

I really wanted to do a post like this for ages now. I love photography and taking photos is so much fun to me. I went shopping a few days ago and saw these cool coloured filters for your Polaroid camera. I got them in the end and decided to use them on my phone when we were going for a nice walk. I think these photos turned out so cool and amazing, so I hope you like them.

The sun was shining and it was pretty much the first day where it felt like spring/summer. We walked to a park where we live and then went through the woods and discovered some amazing paths and places. I love going outside with my mum and I was really happy that my sister joined us too. We laughed a lot, met some strangers and enjoyed the nice weather. I think it’s really important to have these days where you get out and just enjoy some time without a phone and just the company of your loved ones. Yes I took my phone with me but just to take photos and I didn’t look at the time or if someone wrote me or anything like that. My mum also took her instax mini camera with her and we took some really funny and nice black and white photos together. These cameras are just so much fun to play around with and we had such a good time testing my mum’s new one.

I am writing this nearly a week later and I still think of this day as one of the best days I’ve had so far. The walk back to our house was a little bit exhausting and hot but it was still really nice and we found this little lake and a really nice part of the park where people where hunting for their Easter eggs, which was nice to watch. The lake was probably one of my favourite parts and we took so many photos of it and loved that we discovered it. I mean I say lake but it’s a super tiny little water thing-y, but I think you get what I mean.

I really hope you have an amazing weekend and maybe you spend an hour going outside and enjoying the hopefully good weather. I really hope you liked this post, I am so proud of it and love the photos so much.

Love, x

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