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I got super lucky with having the most amazing mum ever. She always gets us something for Easter and she kept saying that she’s so exciting to see my reaction when I open my present. I had no idea what she got for me and I was really excited but I so did not have a clue.

On Saturday she placed our presents on the table, but we weren’t allowed to open them until Sunday ( I really wanted to open mine). On Sunday morning we had breakfast and finally opened our presents and I was not expecting that at all!!

My amazing crazy mum got me the Dreaming out loud bracelets from Puravida which I wanted to have for so bad because Hailey designed them herself. I wrote a post where I showed how I recreated them myself, but of course they weren’t as nice as the original one.

I really nearly cried, my eyes filled with tears and I just couldn’t believe that my mum secretly ordered them for me. I am the most lucky girl ever and I am wearing my bracelets every single day. Each day I pick out a few of them and this is probably the most exciting thing for me to do each evening or morning. I am so so in love with them and I still can’t believe that I have them now.

My mum also ordered a bracelet for herself and we’ve been wearing them together on our last walk on Easter. I am so obsessed with them and had to share this post with you.

What do you think of my new bracelets? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

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