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I did a post like this with the lovely ughmango quite a while ago now (check it out here). I thought it was time for a second one because I love reading these posts so much. I again chose a Sunday because I had time to take these photos and do some fun chilled things. Hope you like it.

My day obviously started with waking up. Sometimes I have a little lie in and watch some videos and listen to some music which I did today. After that I head to the bathroom, wash my face with some water and then head into the living room and continue watching some videos.

I am obsessed with this girl called Elena Taber at the moment and I am always so excited when I see that she has uploaded a new video. Because of Uni I sometimes don’t have time to watch all the new videos which is so okay, so I really enjoy having a good catch up on Sunday morning.

I usually wake up at 8/9, so around 10 I am ready for breakfast. My sister was still asleep so I prepared it and had it on my own because I was way too hungry and didn’t want to wake her up. I absolutely love to have Brezeln for breakfast and that’s what I had this day too. They are so delicious and the perfect Sunday breakfast.

Sunday also is the best day for napping and although I try not do them too much I was so tired and had a little 1 hour lie down, which I really needed. Before that though I watched the performance of BØRNS at Coachella and omg! Best thing ever! Loved it so so much.

After that and some more videos I decided to have a shower. I love a good shower on Sunday so I can start fresh into the new week. I am also obsessed with this shower gel I bought recently from my local Dm which smells of vanilla and coconut, a dream. I decided to let my hair dry naturally so I just go back to the couch and yes watch some more videos you know me already.

Then I usually get a little hungry and what better thing to have then my beloved Smacks. They are so tasty and you can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My sister and I had a pizza which I didn’t take a photo of because I forgot but it tasted not good so I am not sad that I forgot to caption it. I also love to watch a nice movie on Sunday and I watched one of my favourite ones called the Internship (Prakti.com) which is so funny and always makes me want to work at Google…. And after that I went to bed.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I had so much fun writing it. Let me know what you did today and how you spend your Sunday’s.

Love, x

29 thoughts on “Typic day in my life #2 | Glücksgeist

  1. hahaha I googled ‘brezeln’ cuz I was like ‘that looks a lot like a pretzel & I was right! that’s so cool, I had no idea you guys called it something different. looks delicious! vanilla and coconut shower gel sounds like it would smell amazing. the internship is really funny!! love the pics you included, this is such a fun post 🙂

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  2. This is such a nice post – thank you for sharing! I had to google Brezlen because I had never heard of it before but now I realise it’s a pretzel haha. Never had one for breakfast before! xx

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      1. You need chill days! I have been finding that my weekend, are becoming more chill which is a great thing. I need to relax. Lol. They look! I actually saw it on the television and thought of you! ❤

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