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I am a skincare product lover. I love to try new things like face masks, face cleanser and anything like that. My skin is always super dry so wearing make up can be a challenge for me, but I discovered the most amazing skin product that helps my skin so much in getting more juicy, so I thought I should share it with you.

Of course I have a morning and nighttime skincare routine which actually isn’t exactly the same. I always did the exact same thing in the morning and night but I felt like I was doing a little bit too much and my skin was a little bit overwhelmed with all these products so I try to not do so much in the morning and focus on the evening a bit more.

Morning skincare routine

  1. As I said I don’t want to wash my face that much anymore so I use the Nivea Micellar water to get that fresh washed face feeling. I am using this product for a while now and I really like it.
  2. After that I take my Dermasence Tonic water and apply some of it onto a cotton pad and then wipe it all over my face.
  3. Then I take the Dermasence Cream Soft cream and apply it onto my face.
  4. The last thing I do is taking a small portion of the Balea Aqua Gelee and apply it onto my face. I really only take a little bit of it so my face doesn’t feel sticky.
  5. After that I apply my make up which now looks a lot better because it actually sticks to my face and I don’t have dry skin all over it anymore.

Nighttime skincare routine

  1. First of all I take my make up off with the Nivea Micellar water.
  2. Then I wash my face with the Dermasence Mousse.
  3. After that I apply some of the Dermasence tonic water onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face.
  4. Then I take the Balea Aqua Gelee and apply a big portion onto my face so that it can sink into it overnight.

Both skincare routines aren’t that different but the morning one is a lot quicker I think so. I actually would love to hear how often you wash your face because I don’t know if over-washing is a thing, or if it doesn’t matter. The Aqua Gelee really changed my skin and I love to use it a lot, but I still don’t know if these routines are the perfect ones for me. I might have to include my peeling face wash into it again as I feel like that really made a big difference.

I really hope you liked this post. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x

27 thoughts on “My spring skincare routines | Glücksgeist

  1. It is life changing (choir of angels singing 😉 when you find a product or a routine, that works well for your skin. In recent years, I also have learned the importance of having a morning and nighttime skin care routine. Thanks for sharing beauty! ❤

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  2. Thinking about it now, I think the only time I wash my face is in the shower because I use micellar water to remove make-up and clean my face. I think washing your face with water should be fine as long as you’re not using soap. xx

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  3. I try to keep my skincare routine simple too – my skin has a freak out if I start using loads of products😂 love this type of post to get ideas of products to use – that gel looks great! Xx

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  4. I love posts like this!

    I have dry and sensitive skin and I found that sometimes washing my face only with water and doing a moisturizer is really enough. (But I only do that in the morning.)
    Personaly I really try to stay away from using peeling face washes to often because even tho they do the job they are a little bit to drying for me; I use them mabey once or twice every two weeks just to clear my skin a little better (or when I feel like I need it).

    Overall I think that moisturizing and a little bit of peeling gel here and there are key. And drinking water! Can’t forget that.:)

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