Balea green tea sheet mask review | Glücksgeist

I think I don’t even have to say by this point that I love face masks a lot. I love to try out new ones and when I spotted this one at my local DM store I just had to get it and try it.

I really love sheet masks a lot. I like how easy they are and that most of the times you don’t have to wash anything off afterwards. This one though is quite messy and after peeling the mask off, your face has a few green stains which you have to wipe or wash off.

The mask comes in this package and is secured by a plastic sheet on one side and a paper sheet on the other. Peeling them off is a little hard and this is also the messy part where you fingers get a little green, but as soon as the mask is on your face it’s okay and not messy anymore.

This mask is for impure skin which I think I have and is supposed to cleanse your skin. After using this my skin felt a lot healthier and better and I do think it helped a little bit with my impure skin. I really enjoy doing face masks so I really enjoyed this one a lot and I think the price (1,45 euros) is super okay for this one. I also like the smell of it which isn’t too heavy (don’t like heavy smells that much). You can definitely smell the clay part of this mask but I don’t mind that.

I already repurchased this mask and usually use it before I shower so it doesn’t matter if it gets a little bit messy.

Do you like sheet masks? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x

4 thoughts on “Balea green tea sheet mask review | Glücksgeist

  1. Face masks are the best. I have recently (thank you Sephora!) gotten into sheet masks more. Before that I was all about the liquid ones that I could slather on and feel them work. Lol. ❤

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