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Recently I shared a few snacks which help me survive Uni. You seemed to love this post and actually left amazing snack ideas in the comments so I thought it would be really fun to do a second part of this.


I shared some cookies last time but the ones in the picture are my favourite at the moment. I got them recently because I don’t do milk so good anymore and they taste exactly the same and remind me of my childhood so these are a great snack.

Fruit and vegetables

I haven’t had vegetables with me yet (just because I’ve been to lazy to peel them), but I love to take grapes with me. They are super easy to snack on and also a really quiet snack so no embarrassing looks. They taste amazing and I am really obsessed with them.

Anything Haribo

I have to have something sweet with me and these are actually the best snacks in my opinion because they contain a lot of sugar and really help you to get focus, sometimes. I always change them up so this time I went for some peach ones which I am actually way too excited about.

Hanuta (laktosefrei) (picture)

I really loved them when I was younger and I was a little sad that I can’t really have them that much anymore because I can feel a little sick afterwards but I found these ones and I am really excited to try them. They are great to have on the go, not so much during a lecture because they are quite loud to eat.

As always let me know your favourite snacks in the comments below. I loved the last recommendations so much.

Love, x

13 thoughts on “UNI snacks #2 | Glücksgeist

  1. grapes are such an excellent snack that I never think of! I like that you included a variety of different snacks for whatever mood you’re in. I’ve been really loving snacking on pineapple and strawberries lately!

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  2. I find fruit so easy to eat in lectures because they are quiet and often do not smell. I hate it when people open crisps and it smells up the entire place – especially when we’re stuck in there for another 3 hours! xx

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