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I love to share new obsessions with you and since I heard of this app I am just so obsessed with it. I saw so many cool photos on Instagram with these so cool-looking light effects in them. I downloaded an app to recreate it but it never looked right. Then I watched some YouTube videos and finally discovered the secret.

I am talking about the Huji photo app. This app is so cool and free which is even better. It works like a disposable camera and even looks like a green version of one. You open the app and take a photo and it looks super unique, cool and includes these light effects. Not always, you have to play a little bit with it to figure out the best ways of achieving them but it’s so much fun!

I love to use disposable cameras but at the moment I just haven’t got one and waiting for it to develop always feels like ages, so this is an amazing alternative. And you save so much money and you have the photos on your phone so you can post them or collect them and then print them yourself without getting these too dark photos because you forget to turn on the flash light.

As you can tell I am obsessed with this app and had to share it with you. I include a few of my favourite photos in this post. I didn’t edit them, so you can see how these photos turn out. Of course you can edit them afterwards and make them look even cooler as they already are. The only thing I had to do to be able to upload them to wordpress was to open them with vsco and then save them from there. I don’t know why maybe something went just wrong, but that’s what I did.

2018-04-29 07.44.00 1.jpg2018-04-29 07.44.04 1.jpg2018-04-29 07.44.03 1.jpg2018-04-29 07.43.57 1.jpg2018-04-29 07.44.02 1.jpg2018-04-29 07.44.05 1.jpg2018-04-29 07.44.06 1.jpg

2018-05-02 05.59.10 1.jpg2018-05-02 05.59.11 1.jpg2018-05-02 05.59.12 1.jpg

Did you know of this app? Let me know in the comments below.

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31 thoughts on “The light-effect secret – best photo app | Glücksgeist

  1. All the photos turned out so well! I have so many disposable cameras from when I was a kid but I never realised that the film can expire so we will never know what my 8 year old self took photographs of sadly. This is a good alternative as it cannot expire. xx

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