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I missed my April favourites so I thought a current obsessions post could make up for it. I love these posts a lot and I am so excited to share my new and old obsessions with you. I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

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Let’s start with the obvious one, Freeze pops. We actually call it Wassereis but Hailey from Dreaming out loud called them like this and I like it. I am binge-watching Bryce and Hailey’s vlogs again and in one of them they had Freeze pops. I haven’t had one of them in ages and as it was sunny I needed to get some. They are actually so cheap and I remember getting them after school when I was little, good times. Of course I went for the lemon aka yellow one and it really tastes delicious. Maybe not the most healthy new obsession, but who cares ;).

Speaking of not so healthy I am also eating way too many Lachgummis. They are German gummy sweets and I sent some of them to Phoebe recently, so if you want check out her post and see how she liked them. They are by far my favourite sweets ever and I could eat an entire package on my own, so good!

I am also still going strong with The Vampire Diaries. I started binge-watching it a few weeks ago and I am now on season 3 and I LOVE it so much! Klaus and Elijah are just my favs and I forgot so much of what happened it’s really refreshing to watch it again.

I already mentioned Hailey at the beginning, but I am just so obsessed with this girl. She’s currently roadtripping and shares the most amazing places on her Insta Story. I love watching them and always get so excited to see where she’s heading next. San Francisco looked amazing!

Speaking of Instagram I am really obsessed with it. I’ve been saving cool photos for a long time now but I never created folders before. I started them now and it’s so much fun to have little folders full of your favourite photos. I love to recreate some of them or just get inspired by them so I created folders like Food, OOTD and stuff like that.

And I have another food related item which I am obsessed with, Mentos. My mum bought them for me and they are just such sick snacks to have when you’re sitting in a lecture for 3 hours straight. They als bring back so many memories, Mentos are just great.

Last but not least one of my biggest obsessions is the SUN. I am so happy when the sun is out and this weekend (last when you read this) was so nice and sunny.

What are your current obsessions? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x



20 thoughts on “My current obsessions #4 |Glücksgeist

  1. Girl I love your obsessions ESPECIALLY the last one! I have been so obsessed with the Sun! It makes me SO happy! And I love freeze pops, sooo good, especially during the Summer! ❤

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  2. Freeze pops are so good !! I used to love the blue ones – you’ve got me craving them now!! And I’m obsessed with Instagram at the moment too, especially stories !! Your Instagram is always on point! Xx

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  3. I really want to start watching TVD again, I watched it years ago but only till season 4, because I kinda lost interest. I like Damon, Klaus and Katherine the most to be honest, they are so entertaining. xx

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  4. My boyfriend always has to have a bag of freeze pops in the freezer in the summer months! They’re so addicting! & I love how you included the sun on your list!!! ♡

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  5. I used to love Mentos as a teenager! I haven’t had them in ages though. I miss freezepops – I keep meaning to buy ice lolly moulds and make my own but I keep forgetting. xx

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      1. Haha I will have to buy some moulds once I’m back home! I really want to make cola ones because they were always my favourite (and I can drink the leftover cola!). xx

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