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These posts are one of my favourite posts to write and the last one I wrote was back in May so it’s time for an updated one. I am a person who gets obsessed with things really quickly so I always feel like I could write hundreds of these posts but I always wait and try to do them monthly as a sort of favourites alternative.


I am trying not to get obsessed with these ones again, but they taste just so good

Saoirse Ronan. I mentioned her in this series before but I just fell in love with her again. She’s such a cool person and the reason I became so obsessed with her again is because of the Galway Girl music video. I know I am really late to the party and probably lived under a rock but I am so obsessed with it. I just watched it again and again and again for a solid hour. It gives me all the good feelings and makes me feel so happy and excited, love it.

Another thing I fell back in love with is Pinterest. I didn’t use it for months because I felt like I saw most of the stuff on it and I just didn’t find it that interesting anymore. I got a new phone a few days ago, with which I am more than obsessed with and I had to log back into all my accounts including Pinterest. I couldn’t get into my account so I just created a new one and now I love it so much again. I am currently searching for healthy recipes and already tried a super amazing one which I am really proud of.

2018-06-01 05.40.30 1-01.jpeg

By the way I am also so obsessed with Instagram at the moment and I fell back in love with blogging too after a little break from both of them. I am really into editing my photos at the moment and because of that I really enjoy both of these things so much.

I am always obsessed with YouTube but I wanted to name two youtubers I really enjoy watching at the moment. The first one is Aspyn Ovard. I am watching this girl for years now and she just uploads great stuff and I’ve been really loving her vlogs recently. Speaking of vlogs I discovered HelloOctober‘s amazing vlogs and I always get excited for her new ones.

As always let me know your obsessions in the comments below.

Love, x


42 thoughts on “Current obsessions #5 | Glücksgeist

  1. I love the Galway Girl music video! I’ve watched it a thousand times probably haha. I’ve recently gone off Pinterest, but I always find myself coming back to it for inspiration 🙂

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  2. I adore your obsession posts! I tend to fall in and out of Pinterest. I love Instagram and I love that you love it! Your pictures are stunning! Also so are you! I love the glasses! I am so jealous that you can rock them! Hope you are having an amazing day! ❤

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    1. Aww this made me smile so much!! Thank you so much Katie!!! I’m working really hard on my pictures lately so I’m happy you like them 💕 my day was mixed but this made it so much better xx

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