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Hannah from Justhannahhere is doing a collab month where she uploads a collab every single day for a full month. I really wanted to be a part of this so I was super excited for our collab.

I haven’t done a collab in such a long time, so I was really excited for this one. I love reading week in my life posts and also love to write them so I was so excited to do this post with Hannah. Don’t forget to check out her post here.


I know the week starts on Monday but I spend the entire day at Uni on Mondays so not that interesting and on Tuesday I also didn’t do much so let’s start with Wednesday.

I’ve been obsessed with watching bryce and Hailey’s new and first vlog from their epic road trip they’ve been on. Because of that I decided to paint a panting inspired by one of their road trip pictures. I think it turned out pretty good so if you want check that post out here.


I did went to Uni that day but the most exciting part of my day was this order from ASOS. I went yellow crazy and ordered three yellow pieces which I was so excited to receive. Sadly and surpsingly I sent all of them back because I didn’t love any of them, but it was still a fun part of my day. In the evening I went to a uni thing which was pretty interesting and ended up showering in my clothes as it rained so much that I was drenched in minutes. Still had a good day though and ended it by watching some tv with my family.


The weekend! Almost. Fridays aren’t too crazy for me but I still have a three hour long physics lecture which is just long. But it goes from 8.15 am until 11.30 so I have a pretty early weekend which is super cool. I always just go home and wait for my mum to come home. I think I studied some maths for my test but as soon as my mum arrived we’re watching our favourite TV shows. I also had an hour long call with a friend of mine to catch up which was really nice.


I had to go to a stupid work thing which was a bit annoying but I made some super delicious food for lunch/dinner. I’ve been obsessed with making my own potatoe chips and I love vegetables so I had a bunch of them. I mean it looks like a kids meal but I am so fine with that. I had a pretty early night as I was super exhausted.


I love Sundays a lot. They are probably the most chilled days and we had really nice weather. In the morning I made a funfetti cake and just had a day full of studying for Uni (at least a bit) and watching videos and I had a really nice pamper day, doing so many face masks.

I hope you liked this post, I had so much fun writing it. Thanks again to Hannah for doing this collab with me. Don’t forget to check out hannahs post.

Love, x

35 thoughts on “A week in my life – collab with justhannahhere | Glücksgeist

  1. The funfetti cake looks so good! I totally get the Uni/Work struggle which is why I decided to use this week when I have a week off from University and Work so I could actually be interesting (hopefully). Thanks for collaborating with me. xx

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