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This is my second box I received from Loot crate and although I liked my first one this one was a bit more different. Why? Because I didn’t order this box. I ordered my first one only because they had a very good deal on their website, because otherwise these boxes are so expensive. Turns out that apparently when you click ‘one crate’ only you still have to cancel your subscription with them otherwise you have to pay for more. I mean thanks for NOT writing that on your website. I resigned my subscription now so everything should hopefully be fine and we can start with the unboxing.


This time was exciting to me but not as much as the first time because I already saw a video of Cherry Wallis unboxing this month’s box so I knew what was inside it. But it’s still a very fun process and I mean who doesn’t like opening packages?

The first thing I saw and which I am wearing in this picture is a really fun yellow Hufflepuff t-shirt. I really like this a lot because I didn’t own a house-themed shirt before so that was really exciting to me. And I am pretty yellow obsessed so I am happy to grow my collection of yellow things.

I also got some Hufflepuff themed socks and some Hogwarts themed socks which are pretty fun and I always run out of socks so you can never have too many of them. Again, like the yellow ones a lot.

I also liked the Hufflepuff patch they put into this box. It’s a fun little thing which you can iron onto a shirt or bag of your choice. I don’t know where I want to put it yet but it’s definitely very cool to design your own shirt with this.


In each box you get a pin and I really liked the last pin. I do think this pin is cool but I don’t know when I should wear it as it is quite big. But it’s still a nice thing to have and is the last horcrux in their horcrux series.

Last but not least I got this amazing clock. I think that’s the best thing of this box as it’s very cool and again Hufflepuff themed. I probably don’t have to say that this month’s theme was ‘House pride’, you probably all got that right away. I really like this clock, it’s a really cool thing to have although I am not sure if I’m going to carry this around with me everywhere I go.


What do you think of this box? Let me know in the comments below. Would you like to order one of these boxes for yourself?

Love, x


26 thoughts on “Wizarding World unboxing | Glücksgeist

  1. So much Hufflepuff! That clock really is beautiful 🤗
    I’ve always been wary of subscription boxes, just cause some do have that sneaky part where they dont tell you that you’ve signed up to an ongoing subscription rather than a one off 😥

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  2. I love this box as a fellow Hufflepuff but I can imagine it is quite expensive to have received the box, especially because I know Primark do lots of HP themed items for half the price. Doing a yellow themed box for my friend’s birthday so will definitely be finding Hufflepuff items to go in there. xx

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