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I read so many of NotesbyLaura’s lush posts that I really wanted to try something from them too. Of course I had to go for a face mask and I am really happy that I went for one. I went to the shop with an idea of one I wanted to get but as soon as I saw this orange one I fell in love with it and needed to try it. Especially because it was one of their jelly masks.


I used this mask for more than two weeks and completely emptied the little box. At first I did get a few spots from it but I wasn’t really worried about that as a good face mask is supposed to pull all the crap out and then helps you to get better skin.

After a week I felt like my skin got a lot better actually. It’s hard to say that as it was super hot where I live and I always get a few little spots from the heat, but I did feel like my skin felt cleaner and healthier and that I didn’t get so many spots anymore.

To apply this mask you take a bit out of the box and rub it in your hands until it gets a little bit more smoother. Then you apply this mask to a clean face and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Then you wash it off. The washing off part is a little bit more harder as this really stays on your skin but nothing major. Washing it off feels like a little peeling process for your face which I really enjoyed.

Lush stands for their cruelty free products and I really want to support that as I think it’s really important to buy products that are cruelty free and support brands like Lush. The face masks was about 10 euros so a little bit more than my regular face masks but I used it for two weeks. The woman in the shop said that I can get 6 to 8 uses out of this. I used it for two weeks minus a day where I didn’t do it. So I used it for 13 days, every single day, that’s a lot more than she said.

I really wanted to use it that much to really see if it helped me skin. Normally I purchase masks for one to two euros, this times 13 is a lot more than I spent for this mask from Lush so I really think it is worth your money.

I definitely want to try more masks from them but I would recommend not buying too many masks at one time as you have to use them up in about two months before they go out of date.

Did you try a lush mask before? What’s your favourite Lush product? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x


39 thoughts on “Lush face mask review | Glücksgeist

  1. I’m glad that you found a product that worked for your skin! I’ve never been to Lush because I don’t live near one and I like to look at products in person before I make a sort of expensive purchase. But based off of your post, I might look more into it! Thank you!

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  2. I usually buy bath bombs in Lush, never tried any face mask though. I like the color of this one, so pretty. Their masks here are double the price you payed, so I just can’t justify buying one. xx

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  3. I have never actually shopped in Lush before as I find the smell a bit too overwhelming but I find the Body Shop do similar products and their shop smells less strong haha. (Idk if this is just me, perhaps I’m just very sensitive) xx

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  4. I’m glad you did a review as I’ve never tried the jelly masks before. I remember trying cupcake one when I was younger and thinking the Lush masks are so much cooler than packet ones I used to buy. They are a little pricey like you said but I feel like they are a good little treat every once in a while. I’m glad you liked your mask. Great review, and I love the photo! xx

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  5. I always want to try some Lush face mask! Or, i may say that i really want to try every products in the shop, but here in my country there isn’t any Lush shops. There used to be one but somehow they closed it. Since they’re quite pricey and hard to get, right now I think it’s enough to make me happy seeing this very nice review ❤

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  6. I actually just bought one of their jelly masks the other day and love it. I needed one that soothed and moisturized as my skin got a little to much California sun, and it definitely helped! I love the color of this mask! ❤

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