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I got asked by a few people to do a blog post where I share how I edit my photos for Instagram and also my blog. I really wanted to do this post for ages now and tried to record my screen to show it to you in a little video clip but it didn’t work out so I am just writing down what I do instead. Hope you like this!

I have two different editing ways I use for different types of photos. The first one is my regular one which I use most of the times.


I start by uploading my picture to VSCO. VSCO is a free app where you can use a ton of different filters but you can also buy some. The filter I use I had to buy but it was like 1 or 2 euros for three so really not that expensive.

Filter: N1 +12.0

Exposure: + 0.5 (depends on the photo)

Contrast: +2.4

Shadows: +2.0

Highlights: +6.9

Saturation: +0.8

After that I save the photo and upload it to the next editing app.


I currently have a yellow theme so whenever I take a photo of something that isn’t yellow I upload it to picsart and change the colours. It’s pretty simple. You open the colours tool and then it says colour change or something like this (I use it in german). Then you press on the colour you want to change and then you can change it into whatever colour you want. This only works on light colours though.

The app is also free.


Another free app. I use snapseed for the details tool and their brush tools. Details are usually 1 to 3.5. Then I use the exposure brush if my photo isn’t light enough and I use the temperature brush to make the yellows look more yellow and sort of stand out.


The last app I use which is again free is called ‘Afterlight’. I think everybody is using this app at the moment to create these vintage looking photos. The secret is to add dust on top of your photos. You can choose between 13 dust-filters. My favourites are 1 and 2 and 8 or 9 I think.

And that’s it for my regular photo editing process. If I have a photo of myself I have to edit them a little bit different because otherwise I look really orange.

I use the same apps and start again with


HB1 (free) filter + 6.3

Exposure + 0.3 (depends on the photo)

Contrast + 1.5

Temperature +1.4

Skin tone + 6.0

Sharpen +1.8

Fade + 1.0

Grain +2.9

Then I do the same things on Snapseed and afterlight as before and that’s it.

I hope this post was helpful for you. I would love to hear if you try any of these things I shared today and if so please tag me in your pictures on Instagram so I can see them.

Love, x

37 thoughts on “How I edit my photos | Glücksgeist

  1. You’re the queen of nice pictures and I’m so glad to see how you do it. You have spilled all the secrets that I wanted to know :p I do use VSCO and Snapseed as well and I love those apps! xx

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