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If you follow me on Instagram (@gluecksgeist) you probably saw all of my Berlin photos. I’ve recently went on a little trip to Berlin and had such an amazing time. I uploaded a ton of photos on my story and feed so definitely check them out. I didn’t see all of Berlin as the city is so big but I found some pretty cool spots.

Because of that I decided to write a blog post about the things you have to do when you’re in Berlin and also share some things which you can leave out.

Things you have to do

1. Take some photos in an old ‘Photoautomat’

My sister, mum and I had so much fun doing this. The photos you get are so unique and also really affordable (2 euros). It’s so much fun doing silly faces and it’s really exciting to wait for your pictures to get developed.

2. Check out a second hand shop

Where I live there are a few thrift stores but nothing like the ones in Berlin. On or first full day we went to a second hand shop called ‘Garage’. There were so many clothes I was really overwhelmed with it but I managed to find some really cool butterfly pants for only 2,07€, I mean?!

3. Walk!

There’s nothing better than getting to know a city by walking. I really like exploring like this. You get to see a lot of cool places and things you probably won’t see if you’re taking the car or bus. But of course you can’t get to everything by walking so taking the bus or underground is an amazing alternative and very cheap (at least in my opinion as underground tickets are super expensive in my town). You can get a group ticket for 19,90€ which allows you to take any bus or underground for a full day. A single ride costs 2,80€.

4. Explore in the afternoon/evening

A pro tip is too see all the touristy things in the afternoon/evening. In summer it’s still light outside and it’s so much less crowded. You’re able to get photos without a bunch of people in them.

Things you don’t really have to do

1. Book a city bus tour

We did it and it was okay and the second tour was very interesting but we already saw most of the things the days before. Doing a bus tour like this is very expensive (about 80 € for 3 people if you want to do tour A and B). Also the buses only drive until 6pm which is very early for such a big city. If you then want to get off the bus and explore some places for a bit you really have to get to the bus early as otherwise you won’t be able to do both full tours. I would recommend taking the underground or normal bus instead as it’s so much cheaper and you can get to all the touristy things and more.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. It feels very good to be back here. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever been to Berlin before.


38 thoughts on “Berlin – what to do and what not to do | Glücksgeist

  1. I went to Berlin six years ago with school and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Since we were there for only three days (less actually, since we had to leave sometime in the afternoon on our third day) there’s still so much left to see! Your tips are definitely useful, thank you! 🙂

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  2. I have a love-hate relationship with City Tours – they are expensive for what they are but sometimes they can be useful in that they let you see the entirety of the City in a small amount of time. Some places they are useful, some they really are not. xx

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  3. Sounds like you had a gorgeous time in Berlin, Anni. That city certainly beats to its own tune. And I notice that you have a new look for the blog including your logo. It’s all super cool and you look lovely! xx

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