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I went to Berlin a few weeks ago and had the most amazing time. I’ve actually wrote a blog post about it so if you want you can check it out here.

Berlin has some amazing shops so I did spent some money on some very cool things and I thought it was about time to share them with you.

The first shop I went to was a second hand shop. I really wanted to check one of these out and it was an experience. I also found something (I mean of course) for only 2,07 euros which is just crazy. It was a very lucky dip too.

Butterfly pants…. YES!

They look so pretty! I love butterflies a lot so this was a very cool thing to find.

We also went to H&M and I got mostly shorts because it was so so hot in Berlin and I needed something short to wear. I also didn’t own any good shorts before so these were a great buy.

And I also got this red top which I love very much.

I didn’t get this next item in Berlin but I still wanted to put it in this haul. I never really buy stuff from ‘RESERVED’ but they have great cute things and this was in the SALE.

I follow ‘Forever 21’ on Instagram and have ordered things from them before, but we don’t have a shop of them where I live so it was great to go into a shop and actually see the stuff this time. It was SALE and it was busy but I managed to find some great pants. I really want to buy more pants and skirts and stuff like that because I have so many shirts but nothing to wear with them.

We went to a musical in Berlin. It was very spontaneous so I needed something nice to wear and found this amazing dress for I think 10 or 15 euros. It is so pretty and a lot of you loved it on Instagram.

I think I got this dress from ‘Vero Moda’ but the brand is ‘Noisy May’.

The last thing I got are these super cool pants from ‘Urban Outfitters’. These are so cool looking, super comfortable and just so awesome. I wanted pants like these for ages so I am so happy with them. Got them in the SALE too ;).

I nearly forgot to share this last item with you. My mum and I love ‘NYX’ lipsticks and products so when we found a NYX shop we freaked out and I got this lovely orange lipstick.

I really hope you liked this post. Let me know which item you liked the best in the comments below.

Love, x

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