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I lost the motivation to blog and when I decided to start blogging again it still didn’t feel that right. So I decided to give my blog a full on make-over and really change every single thing of it. I’ve done this before and usually changed it in a day, but this time it took me probably about a week or so to get everything right.

I was really happy about this because I felt like I’ve never worked so hard on my blog design before and each day was super exciting and I felt very creative. I am really happy with the end result. There are a few things I still want to change and figure out, but the base is done and I really wanted to share it with you.

As most of you know I’ve had a very yellow obsession lately and you could see that in my blog. My last blog design was very orange and I loved that, but it felt a little too orange sometimes. Because of that I went for a pink base this time with orange/yellow details. Now it isn’t too yellow anymore and if I upload a very yellow picture it’s way more chilled and not so overwhelming.


The background is a very light pink so it’s not too bright. The titles are in a deep pink and the rest is just black. To pick up the pink and also the yellow I’ve created a new header for my blog. I decided to go for three circles. I’ve drawn each of them myself. The first one is pink and inside it is a picture of myself which I coloured white. The second picture is orange and I went for a white skyline of Berlin. The last picture is a light purple and inside it are white stars and a white moon. I really like the black writing on top of it and I think it looks very clean and nice.


I also really wanted to create a Logo for my blog. This might change I am not too sure of it yet but I’ve drawn a ghost in a orange/pink colour and added white lettering on top. I think it looks very cute but let me know what you think of it in the comments below.


Then I created a little menu to make things easier. You can click on ‘About Glücksgeist’ to get to that post. If you want to read my blog posts you just click on blog posts and all of the posts come in chronologic order. Or you click on one of the categories like ‘Beauty’ to see all posts based on that topic.
And last but not least you can click on ‘collaborations’ to see all of my collabs.

If you went on my blog before you would see all of my latest posts as my home page. I’ve now created a static home page with a few facts about me and a little bit of an explanation about this blog. I think it’s really nice to have a little ‘Welcome page’ for you readers to introduce you to them and if they’re interested they can go and read all of your blog posts. I’ve wanted to do this for ages and I’m very happy with it.


All of the little images you can see I’ve drawn myself using the app ‘procreate’. I really wanted to add some more personal and creative things to give my blog that very personal touch.


The last thing I really wanted to add was a little space where I can name all of my favourite bloggers. I’m really happy to have such an amazing blogging community and wanted to have my favourites shown on my blog.

As I said a few times already I am very very happy with my new blog design, but of course I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I really hope you like it as much as I do.

Love, x


56 thoughts on “My very new blog design ♡ Glücksgeist

  1. Ahhh I love it !! It’s so pretty and your so right about the change of colour scheme, I think it make the orange stand out and pop rather than everything being orange! So so pretty and you can tell it took you a lot of effort! 💕

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  2. I mean I’m simply in absolute love with this new design. It’s SO personal – which is what all blogs should be like, however it’s hard to stand out sometimes.
    You’re honestly just such an inspiring and creative person! I really adore you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We all go through creative blocks and not having motivation but when you’re ready to write again, I’m ready to read. ❤
    I like your new page set up! It's always a fun way to change things up – it feels like a fresh start. I give you props for making your own little drawings girl – they're so cute! xx

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  4. It looks so good! This must have taken you ages to create but all your hard work has definitely paid off. I cannot believe you drew all the little cartoons yourself, they look like a professional’s work! xx

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