Beauty Haul ♡ Glücksgeist

I really wanted to get some new make up products. I’ve had mine for a while and wanted to try some new things. It’s just nice to have new things to play around with and I am very happy with everything I got.

First of all I got these brushes from ‘Essence’. I really wanted to get some new eye shadow brushes and I am so happy and obsessed with these ones. They are very affordable and very easy to work with. I think I now have every single one of them.

I also wanted a nice but small eye shadow palette with neutral shades. I first wanted to go for one by ‘Catrice’ but ended up not liking it so I got this one by ‘Essence’ instead. I love the colours so much and I get very excited to choose a new one each day. It’s so fun to play around with these.

I was looking for a new powder and again went for one by ‘Essence’. They really have some great products and I am super happy with this powder. It’s a really nice colour. I first wanted to buy the powder brush from ‘Essence’ as well but I then go this one from ‘Ebelin’ which is bigger, fluffier and was also cheaper which was cool. I also love that it’s pink.

I saw the advertisement for these lipsticks and really wanted to try them. I decided to go for the brown colour because it’s easier to wear this every day than a bold red/pink lip. So far I’ve only worn it once but let me know if you would like to see a review of this.

Now let me introduce you to one of the best mascaras ever. I am so happy I went for this one because it is amazing! It works so so good for me and makes my lashes look incredible! It’s super easy to apply and I really love this one a lot.

With all the new brushes I also needed a new beauty blender. This time I got a pink one to fit all of my other pink things I got. I love beauty blenders so much. They work so much better than brushes for me and I’m very happy with this one from ‘Ebelin’.

Of course I also had to buy a new make up bag and I went for this pink one. I am on a little pink make up trip but I’m super happy with the bag and with everything I got.

Let me know which make up brand is your favourite in the comments below.

Love, x

33 thoughts on “Beauty Haul ♡ Glücksgeist

  1. Catrice is my favorite makeup brand to go for, but I love my Essence products also. Essence is the only affordable makeup brand that we have in Bosnia, so I always buy their products. Their new brushes are super cute, wanted to get few but I already have so many brushes I can’t justify it haha. xx

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    1. I have to say that I only checked them out because of you. I always see you talking about them and wanted to give them another go and I’m so happy I got all of these things because they are amazing! xx

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  2. Reviews on some of these products would be amazing, I’d love to know how they turned out! I really like L’Oreal, but Revolution is also amazing when you’re looking for something more affordable. xx

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  3. Every item you bought looks so aesthetically-pleasing and yes, there is definitely a pink-theme going on at the moment! How are you finding the eye shadow palette? xx

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  4. Those Essence brushes look so beautiful! Don’t have those but must say that Essence is killing their game lately with everything – that mascara you bought I also love! I feel they are so much better in quality of their product but also in variety of products. xx

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