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I go back to Uni in October but I’m trying to be super prepared so I was looking for some good apps that come in handy. I have a mixture of apps that are free and also some that you have to pay for. I hope you like this and be sure to leave the name of some of your favourite apps for Uni in the comments below.


We start with an app that you have to pay for but became my favourite app ever! It costs about 9 euros so it is quite expensive but it is life changing. If you have an IPad this is super cool to use because it’s basically a notebook where you can write everything inside.
I create different notebooks for my different lectures. You can choose the paper (checked, white..) and basically use it like a normal notebook just on your IPad. You save a lot of paper and have everything together which I think is amazing. You can also print your stuff out if you want to learn with something in your hands. You can also vary by sizes, I use the DinA4 as a standard so it feels like a normal notebook and I use my ‘Apple pencil’ to write in it.


The first app definitely isn’t something for everyone so I wanted to make sure I include loads of other and also free apps. This app I found today and I really like the sound of it. This app helps you to stay focused on your Uni-work. You can set individual timers on how long you don’t want to be on your phone and how long you want to be focused. If you don’t go on your phone in this period a tree will grow and after a while you have a little forest. If you do go on you phone the trees will die. It’s just a little motivation thing which I think is very cute.


This is again an app to help you stay focused. Apparently you can study the best if you study for 25 minutes then have a 5 minute break and study again for 25 minuets. This app sets these timers for you and helps you to don’t forget to take breaks. I’m very excited to try this and maybe it really works and helps me be more motivated and focused.

IStudiez light

Again a very new app to me and also a free one. You can get the pro app for 3 euros but atm I don’t think I need it. This app is like a very cool calendar. I added all of my lectures to it. Each day it shows all the lectures I have on that day and I can add Assignments and notes. You can add the dates of your exams so you don’t forget them and see them daily. I really love that you can add the rooms where your lectures are as well as the names of your teacher (in the light version you can only add 5). And it’s not just for Uni things you can also add appointments like going to the dentist and stuff like this. It’s a very organised app and I love that a lot. Really excited to use it for Uni.

What are your favourite UNI apps? Let me know in the comments below.

I’m really excited to start this Uni series on my blog! There is so much more to come.

Love, x

13 thoughts on “Apps every student needs ♡ Glücksgeist

  1. I’ve been looking for apps like Forest and Goodtime the last few days, but I’ve already learnt that if I set a timer I will look on my phone every few minutes to see how much time there is left, so it doesn’t work for me. My favorite app for uni is actually Spotify. It helps me relax during a study break without the risk of spending 2 hours on your phone instead of 5 minutes. x

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  2. good luck in your year at uni, how far into your course are you? my daughter has gone back for her last year and started yesterday, freshers week was last week so they are all feeling a bit jaded, enjoy using all your apps. look forward to hearing how you are getting on

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  3. My University actually have their own app, not that I ever used it oops. My most used app as a student was definitely YouTube… I promise some of the videos were educational!!! I used to buy the Kindle version of textbooks because it was lighter than the actual textbook and I could highlight without ruining the book. And you could never forget your textbook because it was on your phone/laptop/ipad! xx

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    1. That’s so clever!! We don’t really have textbooks yet. My uni has an own app too but it never works 😀 i use YouTube a lot too!! I probably should have included it in this but totally didn’t think of it xx

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