First week of Uni review + update ☆ Glücksgeist


I survived my first week at Uni and wanted to share a little review with you. I started my second semester this week and I’m stressed already.

I was really excited to go back. I had a two month break and after the first month I felt ready to do something again. A week before uni I got a little nervous and felt like I would like a few more weeks off but in the end it all worked out and I had a good first week.

The thing is that I already feel like I’m back at Uni for weeks and not only since four days. I didn’t pass two exams and now I feel like I already have to study so much and hard. I feel quite stressed and a lot of people add to the stress but I have to remind myself that it’s the first week and I have time to study and understand all the things so I just need to have a little moment sometimes.

The first semester was very chilled. I didn’t really do much the first months and felt a little overwhelmed at the end. Because of that I really want to work hard from the beginning so I won’t get overwhelmed with everything in the end. I try to study a few hours each day and do all my Uni work the day or day after I got it. I hope this helps me to stay organized.

I also wanted to do more. I didn’t really have a hobby for a few years now except of blogging of course, so I wanted to start one again. I did ballet for 8 years but stopped a few years ago and since that I haven’t done any sport. Because of that I really wanted to start with yoga, but sadly I was a little late and all the yoga classes from Uni are full now.

I found an alternative though which is part yoga and a few other things in one and I am really excited to start my first class on Monday. It’s something super new to me but I’m excited to try it.

I finished my second yoga class today and it is so hard but I feel good afterwards, exhausted but happy that I did it. I also checked out a photography club at my Uni and it sounds so good and I’m excited to go back there tomorrow and learn a little bit more on how to use a camera right and stuff like that. They have planned a lot of fun things, so I keep you updated with that.

I also am learning Swedish this semester and the lessons start tomorrow, so I am super excited for that. I really would recommend checking out what your Uni has to offer because I didn’t know about all of these clubs and things you can do in my first semester and now doing all of these things makes Uni so much more fun.

AND don’t panic when you don’t know anyone there. I didn’t know anyone in my yoga class and I also don’t know anyone who starts Swedish tomorrow so be open and just chat with a few people. I haven’t found a big group of people I can hang around with yet but I think that’s okay and maybe I meet some cool people tomorrow.

That’s all from me today. Let me know if you like reading a sort of update post every now and then.

Love, x

14 thoughts on “First week of Uni review + update ☆ Glücksgeist

  1. Yay an update! I am so excite you are taking yoga classes! Yay!!! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me! (I teach it:) I also love that you are learning Swedish that is so exciting! Huge hugs, Uni can be stressful, so can exams, but don’t sweat it! Employers aren’t going to ask if you passed this exam or that one. As long as you pass your courses (which you will!) that is all that matters. Also ignore the catty role. they aren’t worth it! I hope you have an amazing semester beauty! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much lovely 💕💕 your comments always make me feel so much better!! That’s so cool that you teach it!! I probably would need a private lesson with you because I am not that good 😅 but it’s fun. I feel a little sick but I am so excited to have my first Swedish lesson today xx have an amazing day ❤💕


  2. Hey, toller Beitrag!! Fand ich echt spannend, da ich jetzt auch erst angefangen habe zu studieren.:) würde mich freuen, wenn noch mehr zu dem Thema kommt. Was studierst du denn, wenn ich fragen darf? Liebe Grüße, Diana

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  3. University Clubs are so good because it is a great way to meet people and also have fun for free because normally the clubs are free or discounted because you are a student! I joined hockey and climbing whilst at University and had such an incredible time. It also made me that much closer to my flatmate because we used to climb together every week and there is nothing like sweating together to bond. I am glad you are enjoying University, hang in there because it gets better as you get into a routine. I am glad you are finding time to have fun and exercise and not just study study study! xx

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  4. Wish you the best of luck with your Uni exams ❤ – trust me, I know how it feels when you fail but it's important to not give up on yourself.
    It's great that you found some other hobbies to do because when I came to that realization it was almost to late. Our Uni don't provide that many activities (other than some sports) which is a little bit sad to me. They are more concentrated on a science side of things which I think not many people are interested in or it just take to much time for a regular student to do…
    That's why I think this photography class you're taking is so cool and if I got a chance – I'd definitely do that! xx

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