Kiss the unicorn lipstick review ☆ Glücksgeist ☆ Blogmas #7

Months ago the lovely Azra from simpleserenity shared these lipsticks that sort of change colour and I was sold! I tried to find them for ages but never managed to get them where I live. Now I finally found them and wanted to share my thoughts about them with you.

Azra was sharing the kiss the frog lipstick I believe and I really searched for that one. I was looking for christmas presents these last weeks (still am) and wanted to get my mum a few flamingo themed things because we are obsessed with flamingos and joke about them so much. I basically went on any website and searched for flamingo items. I did the same thing with the online shop of my favourite drugstore called DM and I found the kiss the flamingo lipstick from the same line Azra was talking about.

I knew I had to get it for my mum because we are always joking about flamingos. But I also really wanted to try it myself after looking for it for so long so I decided to get the Unicorn one for myself.

I never know how to start reviews like this so I am just trying to break it down step by step.


The packaging is very cute and is just like any other lip balm you can find in a drugstore.


The unicorn lipstick is purple, but when you apply it to your lips it’s a very nice berry shade, very glossy. You can really built this lipstick up, so I would recommend applying not too much at once.

How long does it last

This lipstick lasts forever! I really mean that. I apply this and after hours you can still see it on my lips. After brushing my teeth you can still some pink the next day it’s very very long lasting at least for me.


Wearing it feels like any normal lip balm, it’s very creamy and soft and doesn’t dry out my lips which is so helpful because my lips are always so dry in winter. I would recommend applying it with a mirror though because although it has the form of a normal lip balm you don’t want to get this all over your face and walk around with berry pink everywhere in your face.


1,95 euros


5/5! You really can’t do anything wrong with this lipstick. It is amazing, soft on your lips and very very affordable. I really want to get all of the ones essence has to offer.

Have you tried a lipstick like this before? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out Azra’s post because she was so nice and introduced me to them.

Love, x

17 thoughts on “Kiss the unicorn lipstick review ☆ Glücksgeist ☆ Blogmas #7

  1. These are so lovely, especially for this time of year. Easy, comfortable, non drying and long lasting. Essence definitely nailed the formula. I’m so glad you love it as much as I do and you liked my recommendation. Such a great find from Essence definitely. xx

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