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Unbezahlte Werbung – aufgrund von Markennennung

February 23

I had some stressful weeks because I had to study for my finals. As a treat for studying so much a girl from Uni and I went shopping together. I blogged about our day so if you want to know what we got up to head over here. Besides visting a vintage store we discovered this new amazing shop in town with the cutest little things ever. It is one of these shops where you can get lost in for hours and all the things look so cute to you – you really feel like you need everything.

I really wanted to show this shop to my mum. I was feeling very strong (or probably just overwhlemed) last time, so with the help of my mum I wanted to maybe get a few things this time – without breaking the bank too much. You really need to go in shops like this with another person (mum’s are the best for everything right?) so you don’t buy everything you see (let’s see if that really worked)…. What better day to go there than a Saturday.

Sostrene grene

Town was quite busy but the shop was still super cute and not too busy which was nice. The shop looks really small from the outside but it is a little maze inside and you totally get lost in it which was probably the idea of the creator. I had so much fun looking at everything with my mum and sister. We immediately found so many things as soon as we went in. It is a stationary heaven and there were so many cute notebooks I couldn’t resist buying one and my sister had to get one too of course. I don’t know for what I am going to use it yet but it has the perfect layout and is in such a cute pink – (check out my Haul post if you are curious to see everything I got from there –here).

After spending so much money and finding the cutest little things we browsed around some other shops. It was a Saturday so it was busy. To be honest it wasn’t crazy full of people but we had the luck of screaming kids and people standing in the way so we were a bit exhausted afterwards.

Driving lessons

My sister is currently taking her driving lessons so we wanted to go to a place where she can practice. I haven’t been in a car with her yet but already heard funny stories from my mum. My sister loves practicing with my mum and because we went to town for me it was only fair and nice to head to the practice place for my sister. Sadly it was so busy there that my sister wouldn’t have been able to practice driving so we decided to do it another time. I don’t know if I was sad about it or a little bit happy because I get car sick very quickly.

A saturday forest walk

The place is near a forest and we used to go there on walks a lot when we were younger. Spontaneously we decided to go on a walk and visit the little castle. If you know me you know that I can’t resist visiting a castle – to me these are the most dreamy places that exist. It felt really good to have some fresh air and just walk and move. Going on walks is so calming and you always feel so much better afterwards, I should probably do these more often again.

Walks; nature; saturday; shopping;


The castle is super cute and little. Because it is winter at the moment there isn’t too much going around and it is a café in the first place. We walked around and I had to take a few photos of course. I recently received an old film camera from a college from my mum’s and I am so obsessed with it. I love taking photos with it and I can’t wait to get them developed. So for the most part I took photos with this camera and just enjoyed being there. We didn’t stay for long as it was quite cold and as it was a spontaneous trip non of us had the right jackets on and I was a little cold. But it was such a good idea to got there.

Castle; Schloss; walks; forest; nature

Chinese food and the end of a nice day

After a very nice but freezing walk we headed back home and picked up some Chinese food on the way. We love to go to this Chinese place for years now and it is very tasty food and you don’t have to cook and can eat it immediately when you arrive home.

Now I’m going to play some Lego Harry Potter with my sister – I finally have time for that again and it is so much fun! I’m quite sad my sister has to work on Monday, I really enjoy spending time with her and all of my family.

I hope you had a nice day too! Let me know what you’ve got up to today.

Love, Anni

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15 Replies to “• A day in my life – shopping, walks and too many cute things •”

  1. I love little update and catch up posts, it’s nice to see what you’ve been up to lately Anni 🙂 I love finding cute little shops like the one you mentioned. It’s nice to find a new store like that, and explore everything they have. But like you said, it’s also important not to break the bank, I have a bad habit of impulse buying if I find a new store I love haha

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  2. I always need to bring people shopping with me, but not so that I don’t buy anything, so that I DO lol. I always talk myself out of purchases, even when it’s something I need. That little shop is so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hope school gets less stressful soon for you. What a fun vintage store!! That walk looked soo lovely. & Chinese food is the perfect end to the day! Thanks for sharing, Anni 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Basically it isn’t like the usual thrift shop they only sell clothes that are in good condition and sort of match their style so they are way more expensive but still affordable. Thanks for stopping by! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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