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I found this blog post from February which I was meant to upload but then forgot. Hope you enjoy reading it xxx

February 24

A few days ago I discovered this cute little shop in town. They sell everything you could possibly want from stationary to tea – and also soap bubbles. I thought of props you could use for photos and thought that soap bubbles are amazing for cool looking photos. Luckily this very cute shop – if you want to hear more about it check out my blog post on how I discovered it here and how i went back there here – sells soap bubbles. I got some and literally couldn’t wait to take the photos.

Photoshoot; ootd; outfit of the day; a day in my life

Posing for photos in public

I really wanted to take some photos today. I was planning on taking super cool photos with my sister. The sun was shining and it was super nice and warm – the perfect day for photos. BUT I wasn’t the only one who thought it would be a great idea to leave the house on this sunny sunday.

Every family went on a walk so my sister and I had some trouble finding a quiet spot to take photos at. Every minute people walked by and I got quite shy and wasn’t feeling that comfortable to stand there and pose for the camera. My sister took a few photos of me and the entire time I head the soap bubbles in my pocket but I was just too embarassed to pull them out and start using them.

I was surprised of myself and that I just wasn’t able to forget about the other people who I am never going to see again in my life, but I just couldn’t. We took some really nice photos which I love a lot, but I just didn’t use my soap bubbles which I was a bit sad about in the end. Of course I can use them another day but lesson learned you shouldn’t focus on what other people think and just do it, right?

Photoshoot; ootd; a day in my life

Enjoying the moment

AND of course life isn’t just about a perfect photo and I had a really nice time walking around with my sister. Although we used our phones to take photos with, we were enjoying the moment and an hour flew by and we enjoyed the sunshine and the fresh air.

Back at home we felt so much better and fresher and I really wish I could have a day like this again today.

Can you understand my little fear of taking photos in public? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your stories.

9 Replies to “• Too shy to take photos – a Sunday photo walk • Glücksgeist”

  1. I get so self-conscious about taking photos in public and then I get sad because the photos don’t turn out how I wanted them to turn out. I wish I could be more courageous because honestly, chances are, I will never see any of these people again, but I cannot get out of my own head. My best advice is to take a confident friend with you who will hype you up and make you forget that you are in public taking photos. xx

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    1. Glad to know I am not the only one with this!!! Yes my sister and mum are really good in making me feel confident! We took some great photos yesterday with a bunch of people looking at us but we couldn’t have cared less xx

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