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Unbezahlte Werbung

The bucket list family

I discovered this family on Youtube by accident. One of their videos was showing up on my ‘recommended’ page and after ignoring it for a while I was interested in it and clicked on it. Little did I know that it would soak me into these amazing places.

A horse-girl?

I never was a horse-girl in school. Although they were really popular and people kept on swapping their horse stickers with each other, I just couldn’t fall in love with them. My favourite animal were dolphins and after a while just everything that lives in the sea. I started becoming really interested in the sea and hold presentations about dolphins in school. To this day I still love watching documentaries about the sea.

Which video did I clicked on?

Short backstory – the video I clicked on was a video about a family that drove into the middle of the sea, going in the water together with their little children and swim with wales. I don’t think I have seen a more touching shot of this scenario than these videos. I felt so touched and teary because it was so beautiful and an amazing experience I was able to get a snippet of.

By the next day I had pretty much binge-watched their videos

By the next day I had watched pretty much every sea related video from this family and had a big obsession. But days went past and I forgot a bit about them. The people or things I love the most are things mit which I had I would say a slow start- or better things I actually go back to – and this happened with this family.

Luckily they have so many great videos and I still haven’t managed to watch all of them but I love the power and amazing places they share in each of their videos.

Inspiration for your daily life

Speaking of inspiration – I think it is great to see things like this in your daily life that motivate you to go out and explore or most of the time remind you how much this world has to offer and how little we all have probably seen of it. They get me excited to experience things – and I am not speaking about having to visit a new country each month and constantly travel but just experience anything – it’s exciting.

Capturing things

The last thing I really sort of get from them is the motivation or will to capture things. I watch a few Youtubers who upload videos which are nice but this family uploads things that they can always look back on and really show their personality and what they have gone through and what they have loved and I really love that a lot.

Short list of little things they do which I love:

⁃ Giving out balloons at Disney world

⁃ Being excited about hotel pools

Have you heard of this family before?

Now I would love to hear if you have heard of this family before. I hope my blog post has made you want to watch a video of them because I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below. Also I am always super happy of any new youtubers I can check out so leave your favourite ones below too.

Written by: @gluecksgeist

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