Five feet apart – book review – SPOILERS Glücksgeist

Unbezahlte Werbung

I was watching Abigail’s cup of tea’s youtube videos when she talked about a book she was about to read in one of her videos. She read the short summary on the back and I was kind of curious about it. I ordered books and read them but didn’t got around to this book. Then I thought I had a book gift card (which turned out didn’t work on books) so I was looking for books to get and remembered that book she talked about – Five feet apart. So I decided to get it in English because the german version isn’t available yet and I thought it could be nice to get back into English books because I always a bit scared of reading them.

I was excited when the book arrived and had it on my reading list as the next book I’m going to read as soon as I finish my current one. I finished that book and started reading Five feet apart. I heard a few things of this book before but not too much I think so I was quite excited to see how this book would go.

First of all this book is so nice and easy to read. I finished it in 2 days because you could read it so fast. I really liked Stella from the beginning on. She seemed like a really nice girl that wasn’t being under her illness and tried to make the best out of it. I also was really interested in Will from the beginning on. The “bad” guy who wasn’t paying attention to his illness. Who didn’t take his medicine and was only waiting to get out of the hospitals as soon as he turned 18.

Too obvious to read?

I mean you obviously quickly got that these two would fall in love. That’s just so obvious and you maybe think now well that’s just one of these books and probably not that exciting to read – but that is not true.

Although you get how this relationship is about to go it’s still so cute and exciting to follow along. Reading about the two falling in love was really nice and not at all cheesy or too much.

Was there any shocking moment?

YES! Honestly I thought this book would end with the death of one of them – Stella or Will. But that’s not how it goes. Stella’s best friend Poe dies after they are celebrating Will’s birthday (secretly of course) and it’s really heartbreaking to read about it. I think it was a really good way from the author to catch the reader’s mind and attention and I really was so sad about that.

The ending – normally that can be a bit meh. Especially as you have already created the ending in your mind – they either stay together or not and although the ending isn’t that surprising in my opinion it was still so cute and just good to read.

I really loved this book a lot! Know I would love to hear what you thought of this book! Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Is this the book that the new movie is based on starring Cody? I really want to see that movie but it does sound like every other typical teenage movie with a cheesy love plot. Very John Green! xx

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