Fairytale trip to a fairytale musical “E”

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Unbezahlte Werbung – Spoilers! Wer König Ludwig noch nicht gesehen hat dann ab “Fairytale musical” nicht weiter lesen xx

My amazing mum surprised my sister and I with tickets to see the musical “König Ludwig” (King Ludwig) a few days ago. She saw the musical about half a year ago and loved it so much and told us how amazing it was. I was really excited to see the musical as I absolutely love musicals but I wasn’t expecting that.

Fairytale scenery

The Festspielhaus (theatre) is located on a lake, on the opposite of Schloss Neuschwanstein (Neuschwanstein castle) and you get the most incredible view. We took a bunch of photos there and had a little mini-photo-shooting. But honestly the atmosphere there is incredible and everything feels so magical like you are in a fairytale. You really get hyped up for the musical just by being outside by the lake.

The inside of the Festspielhaus is really pretty as well. You aren’t allowed to take photos inside the actual theatre theatre so where the are showing the musical so I can’t show you that but the seats are quite old and squeaky which is funny and the hall is quite modern and chic. We sat in the last row but had a fantastic view and saw everything that was going on on stage because the hall isn’t that big which was really nice. My sister even sat next to the technician who has to go through the hall to get to his place which was quite funny.

Fairytale musical

We’ve been super lucky and got Jan Ammann as König Ludwig. We were super happy about it as he is one of our favourite musical actors and my mum especially got the tickets for this date as he was supposed to play on this date. That was just really cool and he was fantastic in his role.

And we even met him afterwards which was just so cool! We had a funny moment when he came out but he was really nice and we quickly took a photo and felt super happy afterwards.

I also really liked all of the other actors. There wasn’t anybody I disliked which was cool and they all played really good. The story is quite sad in the end but they made it also super funny and we were laughing as much as we were getting emotional which is really the best sort of musical experience to get.
The songs were so great and there were songs which sounded like we were in an Opera. I really need to listen to them again. My favourite songs were the ones were most of the cast sang together because it sounded so powerful and just beautiful!

One thing I absolutely was excited about was the stage. This stage is insane and super unique! Because they have a pool on stage! How amazing is that?! Like I was so excited about it! They even swam and danced in it and it looked so so cool.

Fairytale day

I really can’t believe that this day happened. I had such a great time there and can’t be more thankful to my mum. I obviously was excited for this musical but it was so much better and more magical!
I hope I can let you feel some of this magic fairytale through this post and the photos.

Have you seen this musical before? Wer war schon in König Ludwig 2?

Love, Anni

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  1. It sounds like such a cool and different musical production! Most of the theatres I have been to have been set in the West End of London so the fact that there is a lake and trees and mountains is incredible to me and I feel like that makes the experience that much more magical. Thank you for sharing. xx

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