My first time going strawberry picking “E”

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I’ve never been strawberry picking before and I really wanted to do it last year but we were a little late with that so we had to wait for the next year. We talked about wanting to do it this year but in the end we decided super spontaneous to go there. Spontaneous things are always the best.

We went there in the evening and it was raining half the day so the ground was pretty muddy but that didn’t stop us. We were there for only ten minutes or so, but found some pretty nice strawberries.

We didn’t want to get too many because it would be really sad if we couldn’t eat them up then. In the end we got 1,5 kg of strawberries and payed about 7 Euros for them which we found pretty good pricing for so many strawberries and we obviously could pick the best ones and didn’t have to waist any of them.

I really would recommend going strawberry picking yourself this year. Don’t be too late with this because strawberry season is going by fast. It was a really nice evening and I loved eating my tasty strawberries with some whipped cream. Best. Thing. Ever.

Now I really want to hear if you have been strawberry picking before, or maybe another fruit? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Ann-Kathrin

Written by: @gluecksgeist

21 Replies to “My first time going strawberry picking “E””

  1. Few years back we had strawberries in our garden and I used to go every day to pick the ones that were all red and juicy. It used to be so fun, it’s always a fun experience. I’m glad you had such a lovely time. xx

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  2. I love strawberry picking! We usually don’t go though because the farm near us has been having such short seasons due to weather. Plus they only have one size of baskets and they tend to go bad before we finish them because they’re so big! But they’re always delicious!!!

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      1. Oh that’s nice they let you do that! The place by me only has their baskets and they’re so big. In recent years they haven’t had good seasons on top of that because of the weather too, so it’s hard to fill them up with good ones!

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  3. I used to go strawberry picking as a child but have not been in forever! My nan used to grow strawberries in her garden and we used to pick them… that counts right? We actually have a lavender field where I live where you can pick your own lavender or just have a photoshoot. xx

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