A list of my favourite youtubers #1

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I feel like a lot of people have stopped talking about their favourite youtubers in blog posts. I personally LOVE checking out new youtubers I haven’t heard before or recheck on ones I haven’t watched in ages.

I think the thing with it is that a lot of the “big” youtubers just don’t post that many videos anymore, at least the ones I used to watched. But I am slowly finding new youtubers I really enjoy and love and today I am sharing the first youtuber from my favourites list with you.


I discovered her because youtube recommended her last baking video to me. I nearly didn’t click on it but then thought that I am actually in the mood for hopefully a chilled baking vlog and I am so happy I decided to watch it.

The first thing I immediately noticed was her quirky, but super chilled and just happy personality. I felt like we were on such the same page from the beginning and I really enjoyed watching her baking vlog.

After that I started binge-watching her videos and so far have not found one I do not enjoy.

Here’s why I enjoy watching Kristin’s videos:

1. No drama headlines

I mean this was super popular for a time, but now I think we can go back to the normal headlines which actually talk about what the video is about and not just to get a few more views. I prefer on clicking on a video with the title “Doing things that make me happy”.

2. Her super chilled personality

I really enjoy watching videos that calm me down and make me feel good and Kristin is really great at that. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many funny moments she shares too but all in all it is always very calm and I love that.

3. Her super cute dogs

I am not really a dog person but these two dogs are just so cute, I love seeing them every now and then in her videos. Especially when they jump in the pool, it looks so cute and fun!

4. All of her amazing plants she has

I really want to grow such a big plant collection like her now. I really love seeing her water and looking after her plants. Again, I find this so relaxing to watch and also really interesting. Kristen really shares some great tipps on keeping your plants alive.

5. Her new Kristin’s Kitchen series

I can’t wait to see her next video in this series as I already love her baking and cooking segments in her videos.

6. Never a boring video

Kristen always shares so many different things in her videos it’s always so amazing. Although the title might be “sharing my plant tipps” or something like this, you also get to see her cooking, new outfits, her dogs and a little chit-chat with her.

Now I would love to hear if you know and maybe already love this channel. Feel free to leave some recommendations in the comments below.

Written by: @gluecksgeist
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