My first time doing the OWLs readathon 2019

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I love Abigailscupoftea‘s youtube channel. She shared a few times that she is participating in a readathon and I always was curious what that really meant. This time I decided to finally really check it out and watched the video of bookroast who created this fun challenge.

Although this is based on the exams in Hogwarts, also non Harry Potter fans can take part in this because you choose your own books.

The way this readathon works:

You choose one of the professions you would like to take. You can choose between a lot, for example: Hogwarts professor, writer or auror. I chose the writer profession this time which is super fun I think and you don’t have to read too many books for that one. I love reading but because I am quite late with my OWLs I decided to take this profession with only a few books.

Then you watch the video from bookroast where she explains which book you have to read for which subject. For example for herbology you had to read a green book.



– History of magic
– Muggle studies
– 1 other subject of your picking

For history of magic I have to read a book that was published 10 years ago. I decided to read Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone for this and already finished it.

For muggle studies I have to read a contemporary book. I am going to read The year of living danishly for this subject.

The last subject I got to pick myself so I went for astronomy. For this I have to read a book with the word “stars” in the title. I cheated a little bit with this one and I am going to read Holding up the universe. Stars and universe still fits I guess.

You have one month time to read the books. I decided to take part in this a few days ago so I don’t have as much time, but I only need to read two more books so that is fine. I am also going to take in the NEWTs readathon so keep your eyes peeled for that post.

So far I am having so much fun with this challenge. It feels super magical and I am excited to join all of the other ones next month. It is a really great way to get yourself to read as well as feeling like going to Hogwarts for your test.

Have you heard of this challenge before? Have you taken part in this? Let me know in the comments below.

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